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The Oooh! Review was created by me Kinky C after deciding that maybe my opinions and experiences may help others. I also include the opinions of my husband Kinky D in my product reviews.

I have always had a LOVE of SEX and anything related to it. I was brought up in a religious household where all mention of the word was forbidden. My parents never spoke about it and any information i received about it was either through sex education in high school or from my peers. I think this made me even more intrigued, what is it they say THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT.  Well if i had been eve i wouldn’t have stopped at the one apple let me tell you. hehe.

As soon as i was legally allowed to indulge that’s what i did and i indulged a LOT. Over the years i managed to teach myself a wealth of knowledge that i hope to share with anyone who happens to stumble across my blog.


Having four children 3 girls and 1 boy i hope to bring them up with as much knowledge on the subject as is appropriate. I don’t want them thinking Sex is a taboo subject. I want my son to know how to treat women right with care and love. I want my daughters to know that Sex is natural and that they should always feel empowered and not shy to speak their minds.

I think its important that we educate ourselves on all subjects of sex, that we are able to communicate our needs and desires in our relationships.

I hope to fill this blog with a wealth of knowlege and also of honest and relatable adult product reviews.  You can find all my articles and product reviews on my BLOG PAGE

If you have a product you would like me to review please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.



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