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Review of the foxy tail butt plug from Intimlover


When asked us to work with them on a review of their foxy tail butt plug we were both really excited. Once again Intimlover has not influenced us, all of our reviews are honest and unbiased.

I would usually start with intimlover product description however, intimlover do not display a description for this product. Instead they list Features. So for the purpose of this review i have added this instead of the usual description.

Product Features

Item Type: Anal Sex Toys
Brand Name: SelfTime
Size: 3 sizes of AnalPlug
Material: Metal
Model Number: HS-AS026
Applicable people: For Women And Men
Anal Plug Size: Small,Medium,Large
Tail Length: 35cm
Material: Metal + Real Fox Tail



First Impressions

When the foxy tail arrived i was eager and excited to get the package open and see my new foxy accessory. I didn’t realise it was a real fox tail until after i received the item, i don’t know how i feel about this really. However the tail is beautiful, very soft and fluffy and is the most beautiful colour too.

The tail is really long, it reached all the way down to the back of my knees. I measured the length to be 35 cm. I got the small size butt plug but the tail does come in 3 different sizes: SMALL Length 7 cm Width 2.8 cm, MEDIUM, Length 8.2 cm Width 3.4 cm LARGE Length 9 cm Width 4 cm.


This butt plug was easy to use, Add a little lube and off you go, you can be a sexy fox within seconds. I think i should have gotten the medium size as i did have a little issue with the small one that i will explain a little later.



We had a lot of fun playing with this tail, There is something about the full feeling that a butt plug gives me that enhances my sexual pleasure. I love the fact that it really did make me feel like a sexy fox.

KD wanted me to get into the doggie position and given this is my favourite position i was happy to oblige. This is where the tail really comes to life. I felt really sexy on all fours with my little foxy tail brushing against me. The fact that it leaves a lot to the imagination, covering you very discreetly. I almost wished i could swish my tail to reveal my juicy goodness to KD. Not even sure if you can get a swishing butt plug tail, but if you can or anyone knows of one i would love to know about it. hehe.




My Inner Sexy Fox Toosh Alert


I think KD had a lot of fun snapping these shoots as very quickly he was taking me from behind. The feeling of him pressing against me and pushing on the plug was amazing, and one of the reasons i love using a butt plug especially during doggie.

I did have one small issue pun intended, the small sized butt plug actually popped out half way through, i think KD’s thigh may have pulled on the tail, and out it came. i didnt care to stop at this point so i just left it. I am confident that had i gotten the medium size this wouldn’t have been an issue.

Over All

We had so much fun playing with this tail, and it made me feel super sexy too. I am more than happy to embrace my inner fox whenever the feeling takes us. I love the full feeling that a butt plug gives you and this butt plug was no exception. Its really easy to clean however, i did find that when using a lot of lube some of the hairs got wet and they all stuck together. I gave it a gentle shampoo and left it to air dry and the tail was back to its former glory in no time at all.

We thought it was amazing quality and the tail really is beautiful, when i say it’s bushy i really mean that it’s bushy. I would have preferred a fake tail but then, that is just my preference.

Given that the product came from the USA i was shocked at how fast the delivery was to the UK, for all customers who are concerned at the length of time you would need to wait, i can assure you that you wont need to wait long.

We think that the price of this product from is very good value and we are very happy to recommend you get this product from them, Also what’s even better is if you use my unique code OOOH you will get 10% off at checkout. Get yours HERE. has a great selection of tails and butt plugs, so if this one is not for you why not take a look at their online store and their many other options?

Thank you for reading



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