#6 amazing and funny facts about your vagina

So get your head around this, a few fun packed facts about your lady bits. Who would have guessed it could be so entertaining.

  1. Thousands of nerves are packed into your clitoris.  The clitoris has only one function: to provide sexual pleasure. And it’s very sensitive—it actually has more nerves per millimeter than any other organ, anywhere. In fact, it’s estimated to have at least 8,000 nerve endings—the densest nerve supply of any organ, of which males don’t have an equal counterpart, says Alyssa Dweck, MD, a gynecologist in Westchester, NY and co-author of V Is for Vagina.
  2. Your clitoris is as big as a penis. Believe it or not, the entire clitoris, which wraps all the way around to the back of the vagina, is about 80% the size of a penis. When you consider the scale of female and male bodies, this means the clit is proportionately the same size as a penis.
  3. Your vagina actually expands during sex. Ever wonder how it can seem pretty shallow when you’re putting in a tampon but can also accommodate even a well-endowed guy? It’s called vaginal tenting, says Dweck, and it’s when the inner two-thirds of your vagina increase in length and width when you’re aroused. Seriously, vagina, you never fail to impress us. 
  4. “Vagina” comes from the Latin root meaning “sheath for a sword.” 
  5. Vaginas and sharks have something in common. They both contain the substance squalene. This exists in shark livers and is a natural vaginal lubricant.
  6. In 2009, a woman reportedly set the vagina weightlifting record by lifting over 30 pounds. She attached the weight to a wooden egg so her muscles could grab onto it. This gives Kegel exercises a whole new meaning.

So there you have it 6 funny yet interesting facts about pussy.

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