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Husbands turn on confession


I decided to write about something a feel is probably quite a common subject. Because of my blogs I get a lot of questions from men about sexual health.

I often get asked if its normal for them to have a fantasy about watching their partner be fucked by another man. It seems a lot of men are worried that they may be weird and that it’s something unique to just them. I always try to reassure them that its completely normal. My husband has often expressed that he too has this fantasy.

I wouldn’t ever sleep with anyone other than KD but it’s his fantasy and I always like to please him and play it out whenever I can. I thought I would do an interview with him on the subject. Then I will let you all know how we manage to introduce this to our love life in a way that is not detrimental to our marriage.

What is your fantasy?

my fantasy is to see my wife being fucked by another man

What is it that turns you on about it?

I don’t know really, I suppose it’s just seeing her having sex in a third person perspective

Would you like it to happen for real?

After much thought I don’t think it’s the kind of thing I would want to see happen as I would get mega jealous that another guy was getting a piece of her fine ass

How do you include it in your sex life?

she has come up with a great idea about using a suction cup dildo which simulates another guy and to be fair we have tried fucking machines like the Louisiana lounger and I find comfort in using other penis shaped dildos which achieve my goals of seeing another dick sliding in and out of her pussy

Do you feel this satisfies you?

I think it’s the best of both worlds, well it’s as best as it can get without it being a real person so it negates the jealousy feeling of seeing her with another man

What advice would you give to another men in the same situation that don’t know how to tell their partners? 

I think “just be honest” I spent so long in the early years of our marriage not saying what my sexual needs were and in fact I hid a lot of them and just went with the flow. without her knowing she was never going to be able to really satisfy me sexually. After we had an open and honest chat about our sexual desires it brought us closer together and now we both really enjoy our sexual relationship. So, crack on guys and get talking because you never know what the outcome will be.

If your wife agreed to it and was happy would you like to do it for real?

Oooh tough one because there is the jealousy factor to think about. if it was something that didn’t affect us in a jealousy way then I would be open to anything.  However, I have read far too often about fantasies that end terribly so I think a fantasy should always be just that a “fantasy”.  I think that a fantasy goes 100% exactly as you see it in your mind and it rarely plays out like that in the real world. So, just be careful to think about the consequences before jumping in.

Do you think this will be a common fantasy and why?

I think so because for me it’s not about the “other guy” here, it’s about seeing my wife in action in a third person setting, like you can see up close and personal when you’re there and doing your thing but what does it look like from a distance? does it look like a porn scene?  so, I think it’s going to be common for a few reasons but for me its seeing her being fucked and seeing the enjoyment and pleasure it brings her.

So that’s KD’s point of view but what is mine?

I am never going to sleep with another man whilst he watches. it’s just something that doesn’t sit well with me. When I married him I vowed to be with him and him alone and I meant every word. Even if it wasn’t for jealousy I would still feel uncomfortable. I would never want to do anything that could come between us. We have such a close and strong connection and that’s how I want it to stay.

So just how do I manage to work around it?

Like KD explained I do try to do what I can. I thought I would try and give him this experience without including the 3rd party. So, the best way I could think to do this was by using toys. There are so many fucking machines and dildos on the market. Why not use them in a way that goes some ways in helping fulfil his fantasy. We have used a few sex machines, and doing this has allowed him to get the 3rd person perspective he had been looking for. As well as allowing him to watch me whilst I go at it with some suction cup dongs. This seems to have satisfied his desires and for now seems to do the trick. If in the future I was to feel happy and confident this would not affect us, maybe we will go down that road. However, for now this suits us just fine.

I agree with what my husband says about being open with your partner. I am a huge advocate of speaking up about what turns you on. I think it’s the number one thing that a relationship requires. All too often people hide their inner fantasies from their partners. It’s not only bad for you but them as well. You should be able to communicate your needs so that you can be satisfied the way you deserve and they should have the right to try and fulfil this for you.

Be confident and stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has a right to express their fantasies no matter how weird you may think them to be. You shouldn’t feel ashamed. Just because it’s a fantasy doesn’t mean you would necessarily do it. It’s just that a fantasy.

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