Adult jobs an interesting way to earn money.


So we all know these jobs are out there an exist, but what exactly are adult jobs, and can you make a good wage for them?

Well recently I set out to find out just that.

After being on a lot of social media, over the years, I have chatted to thousands of men and women from all over the globe. The one thing that struck me more than anything, was the amount of adult content I have been sent.

It seems most people online today are happy enough to have sex chat with strangers and the dirtier the better. Now I don’t disagree that sex sells we all know it. But can someone actually make money for sending or receiving a few dirty phone calls or texts. Well the answer is yes, and you can also make a good amount of money from it, as long as you are clever enough.

I just started one of these so called jobs just to see for myself.  I wanted a better insight, and what better way than to give it a go. KD never had a problem with my earning money this way so there wasn’t going to be any major comebacks.

After applying for one of these jobs, I was given a little test, to make sure I was going to be good at what I did. I wasn’t too worried about this, well taking dirty should probably be my middle name. One of my friends was visiting today and we brought up the subject for a while, anyway he said ” yeah I’m liberal and shit, but not to your level” we laughed so much, of course he is right. So yeah the job description, was basically screaming out my name.  😂😂

Basically I am a adult chat operator, answering messages from clients all day and night. Hours to suit me. I mean wait a min here. I am actually going to get paid to Flirt. There has to be a catch right ?

Well actually NO it’s really just as simple as that, you get a certain amount per message you send, so basically how much you make depends on you. It’s really easy money if you ask me.

Okay so that’s what I’ve been doing and it’s been good so far nothing to challenging. This is just such a small side of the sex industry. You can get paid to sex call, and although I haven’t actually given this a whirl, I’ve heard from others it pays a lot more. Then of course you can just set up accounts on kik, instagram or snapchat, I think there are some companies that have whatsapp too. Basically you sell access to chat to you on there via a monthly subscription. Like people will actually pay you good money for this. You would be responsible for all your own taxes and marketing. You are going to be working as self employed so this is a must. If you go down this route, you can set your own prices, so definitely better money to be made. The last thing I have heard of, is getting your own premium rate number. This cuts out all the middle men. You will have to market yourself, build a clientele. There is a company that will set this up for a small fee. This is probably for the more experienced person, as you will be expected to do everything yourself. If you are thinking about doing this, it might be a wise idea getting to know the laws and regulations in your country for this. Don’t want to get in trouble.

Basically if this is the job for you, you can expect to get what you put in. The more time you have to commit the better it seems money wise. It’s great if your a stay at home mum. Very easy to work around the hours of schools. You are not going to be rich overnight with some companies, but with your own gig this is going to be a great wage.

I thought I would only do this for information and some good ideas for my blog. However I am not planning on leaving the job just yet. My account balance is rising quickly and it’s a decent amount of money I’m earning. So for now I’m happy to keep messaging and enjoying gathering a lot of material for my blog. If you have any questions regarding this please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.

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