Ann Summers Moregasm+Remote Control Panty Vibe

Ann Summers – Moregasm + Remote Control Panty Vibe


Ann Summers has just released a new product range the MOREGASM + This range has 10 new products. Ann Summers asked me to review their remote control panty vibe. They have not influenced my opinion in any way and this review is honest and unbiased.

I will start with a little information about MOREGASM + and the remote control panty vibe.


The more power and more pleasure collection features groundbreaking Ann Summer’s patented Climax Technology™, which is guaranteed to blow your mind.

 Climax Technology™ sends out prolonged, low frequency vibrations that penetrate the surface of your skin and travel through the body, targeting your deepest trigger points for your most overwhelming, blended climax yet.

 All of the Moregasm+ vibrators are coated in soft contour, dual-density silicone for undeniable comfort. With 10 vibration speeds the exclusive vibrator motor is smaller and quieter than ever before but with an enhanced performance. 

 Moregasm+ features a toy for everyone and every occasion. The 10 piece collection includes:

·         Couples Ring

·         Bullet

·         Ears Stim

·         Rabbit

·         G-Spot

·         Gift Set

·         Anal Plug

·         Remote Panty

·         Remote Egg

·         Wand

 Product Information

Made from dual density silicone which is super soft to the touch.

10 setting, 5 speed settings and 5 different combination patterns.

I was not sent any information on this product other than what i have posted above. The product is also waterproof.

First Impressions


The item arrived in a small black box, i wasn’t expecting to see the item through the box so that was a surprise.This is great if you are buying in store as you are able to see what the item looks like and get a better idea of the size. Both the unit and remote can fit in the palm of your hand easily. The size of the panty vibe is about the size of a medium egg.

Unfortunately the device does not come with any really helpful instructions so it basically a case of try and see. I thought with there being a fairly big sized booklet in the box that more information on the product would be provided. It’s mostly how to look after the toy. Also inside the box is the charger. I was a little disappointed to find this was not a USB charger. I have gotten so used to having a USB charger with my toys, if you could have seen my face. Was like a skint kid in a sweet shop lol.

The product itself is very light. I was surprised that it had such little weight. The remote control is made from a hard plastic whereas the main unit is lined with a soft silicone. There is a small bulbous area which i am assuming is to stimulate which ever body part you so please. This little part is squishy and soft and is so pleasantly pliable.

I actually really loved the deep blue colour and think this colour really suits the product.



Main vibe unit

To turn the vibe on you press the power button on the main unit for a few seconds, you will know when the vibe is powered as it vibrates for a second then flashes with a blue light.

To switch between settings just press the power button and it will change between settings.

To switch main unit off hold power button down for a few seconds, you will know the unit has switched off when it buzzes 3 times and the blue flashing light on the unit goes off.

Remote unit

To activate the remote just press the power button on the top of the remote, don’t hold the button down like you do on the main vibe unit.

Use the plus side to increase in vibration strength and to switch between settings. Use the minus button to slow down vibrations as well as to go backwards in the settings.

To switch off the remote or to use the remote to switch off the main unit, hold down the power button for a few seconds.


Okay so i wasn’t really sure what to expect from this little panty vibe. I have had others in the past and to be honest i was best pleased with them. I wanted the kind of experience Anastasia had, had on 50 shades. I guess it was one of those expectations vs reality situations. The vibe wouldnt sit right, would fall out my panties all together or the remote just didn’t have the power to actually work when the product was hidden under layers of clothing.

So okay i have to admit this little thing has some amount of power. I was shocked to feel its voracity. Such powerful rumbly vibes from such a dainty little thing. ( Mind Blown ).Just like me small but mighty lol, pocket rocket. yeah yeah you get my drift …… this thing is awesome.

I found it really easy to use, slipping it into my knickers was a breeze once positioned it seemed to stay put pretty well. Not so much when walking around but perfect when stationary.

The Moregasm + remote panty vibe is so comfortable against your skin, is so cushioned you would be shocked. It’s genuinely like little clouds playing on my clit. I was easily able to achieve orgasm after just a few seconds ( cough, really just a few seconds)

It sat perfectly positioned and what’s more is i actually got to find out why Ann Summers chose the name MOREGASM + i was easily able to have multiple orgasms with this little gem. The low rumbly vibrations, were perfect for me. The climax created from the panty vibe is not at all too intense, it builds slowly then bang!!  and unlike other vibes never made the orgasm so strong that it left my too sensitive to go on.

In regards to the remote part of the toy, i am not so much of a fan. For one i felt the quality of this lets the whole product down slightly. It just seems cheap and tacky to me. If this had also had a silicone cover i think it would add just a little touch of luxury.

As for the operation of the remote, it works better than other remotes i have had, but still lacks the power any further away than a few feet. I found that on most occasions, once the vibe had been inserted into underwear the remote lost all connection with the main unit. The best distance we got away when the device was in place was 4 feet.

Another thing is that the unit it not silent, so if you were thinking of recreating the 50 shades scene well you best be aware that the people at next few tables might know what you’re getting up too. lol


The Moregasm + Remote Control Panty Vibe, from Ann Summers has a lot of power for such a small device. I was impressed with how well the product had been made. You can tell that only quality materials have been used to make the main unit.

The panty vibe has super soft coating and a beautiful bulbus area which is just a delight, and feels heavenly.

I would have like to have seen it provided with a USB charger, not only because i find these easier to use but also because it’s just the done thing these days.

I felt i would have liked more instructions on how to operate the toy.

KD was disappointed that it did not come with a nice pair of Ann Summers panties.

I actually highly recommend this product even with its slight flaws.

You can buy the MOREGASM + Remote Control Pany Vibe from Ann Summers for £80.00.  go get your hands on this little gem HERE.

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