Beautifully Bound Rose Gold Blindfold

Beautifully Bound Rose Gold Blindfold Review

I received the Beautifully Bound Rose Gold Blindfold from Bondara free of charge in exchange for my honest unbiased review. Bondara have not influenced my opinion in any way.

Product Description

Bring a touch of luxury to your bondage play with the Beautifully Bound by Bondara Rose Gold Real Leather Blindfold. This gorgeous, premium blindfold features a rose gold front that contrasts with the black lining and strap. A plush inner is beautifully soft against the skin for comfortable wear, while the elasticated band delivers a secure, snug fit. Easy to put on, instantly dominate or submit with this high-quality eye mask.


First Impressions

How could you not love the colour and style of this blindfold? It totally stands out from the other ones i own, you know the usual cheap looking blindfolds that are either black, red or pink? well forget about them this rose gold blindfold from Bondara is the way forward.

Straight away i could tell the quality of the leather, and that it was going to be hard-wearing, the detailing even just in the hem of the blindfold is next to none. The blindfold is 7.5 inches in length and 3.25 inches in width making it a great size for most people.

This is one blindfold i would be proud to show off

I really love the way that the rose gold is in stark contrast to the black detailing, this for me is what makes the blindfold so appealing, and i haven’t even got to the price yet. As well as looking like a million dollars this blindfold also seems as if it’s going to be really nice to wear, as it has a very soft smooth inner lining.

The band that holds it on is made from elastic and seems to me like it will fit most head sizes without digging in or causing any problems.

It was basically love at first sight with this blindfold or should that be love at blind sight? hehe.


I’m so excited to write this part, let’s be fair this is where the fun begins.

I decided i would surprise KD with this set, i had to take a few photos for other wearable BDSM items i had to review, so was already dressed up for the occasion. The lucky girl which i am, actually received the beautifully bound wrist cuffs as well as the matching flogger from Bondara, so they had really kitted me out for the occasion.

Kneeling there, the soft yet weighted feeling of this blindfold felt great against my skin and i was anxious to see just what master would make of my new stylish accessories. I was able to put the elastic headband around my ears and pull my hair over so this part was covered, which i really liked about the blindfold, i feel if this was a chunky buckle type band, it would actually distract from the overall look i felt it gave me.

Because this blindfold is made from real leather, it has a little weight to it, making it feel like you are actually wearing something. For me i like when bondage items are slightly weighted, i guess this adds to the whole feeling of being vulnerable for me.

The blindfold itself fitted my face well, i did however find that there was a small gap at the bottom i could see out of, but i am a good girl so close my eyes anyway, KD doesn’t like when i peek, especially when he is trying to surprise me with a spank or whip, however i did also find that the blindfold kept a lot of the light out so was pretty much pitch black other than this small gap.

Another thing i would like to add is, when wearing the blindfold as its made from real leather its softens more when headed by your skin, so the longer you wear it the better it feels and shapes to fit. I actually felt disappointed when it was time to take it off. hehe.

We had a lot of fun with this blindfold and just like the flogger in the range this too has taken top spot in my blindfold collection. I highly recommend that you also buy a few other pieces in the collection to add to the overall effect.


Over All

Amazing quality and beautifully designed, actually aptly named beautifully bound.

hard-wearing and weighted.

Soft on the skin.

Easy and comfortable to wear.

Slight gap at bottom but this didn’t really detract from anything for me.

Now for the really amazing part, the beautifully bound rose gold blindfold is only…. wait for it….. £11.99  £8.99. yes you heard me right, as this is a new product to Bondara they are offering 25% off, I really think this is amazing value and urge you to get your hands one of these whilst it’s still at its lowered price. I am sure this is a product that will soon be flying off the shelves along with the rest of the collection.

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