Bullets vibrator reviews

So where to start with this one 😂 okay so in my collection I have a lot of bullets. They seem to be the most popular things to be sent for review. Like cock rings, Lubes massage oils and sprays of all kinds. I have decided to write a blog giving a simple review of these products one in which I can add to over time. So here is my list and my opinions on each bullet.

Loving joy 7 speed Mary bullet 

I actually hate these at £6.00 from www.sextoys.co.uk I think is just a waste of money, I got 2 of these and both had broken within 5 mins, the vibrations are really weak also. Maybe I got a bad batch or something but if I didn’t then this bullet is a NO NO from me.

50 shades of grey heavenly massage bullet 

So this one at £9.95 from www.sextoys.co.uk is a good little buy it’s vibrations are strong enough to reach climax it’s rather quiet as well. Gets a good thumbs up from both me and KD.

Shots toys 10 speed remote control bullet 

Great bullet for KD to take control, I can hold it where I like and he can be in complete control of when I climax. It’s well made and looks good too, average vibrations. £34.95 from www.sextoys.co.uk so a little pricey but we think it’s worth the money.

LELO Black Friday

Pocket exotics vibrating double bullets 

This is another bullet I don’t like that much had a lot of problems with the vibrations not being as strong as I would like and for £14.99 from www.lovehoney.co.uk I think this product is way overpriced.

High intensity bunny arouser bullet 

Compared to the above product above from same company this one couldn’t be any better if it tried, how they have managed to get such powerful vibrations in such a little toy I don’t know. The little ears feel great and the material is very soft and such a delight on the clit. Even out out the sleeve this bullet is one hell of a buzz. It’s on sale currently at £9.99 down from £19.99 from www.lovehoney.co.uk so grab yours whilst the price is so low.

Minx Ultimate Ears Vibe


This is a great little clit vibe. It’s shape and design makes play extremely easy and its shape fits snuggly over the pubic region, and when using during sex it doesn’t get in the way. It is made to a very high quality and we are sure it will last a very long time. It has several different options when it comes to vibrations with both combinations and constant variations. Another great thing about this product, is that it can be charged instead of using batteries, which from our experience always provides stronger vibrations. This toy would be great for solo play or for a couple. It’s fairly quiet but not silent. My moans soon drowned this out. HeHe. We checked the price of this on its own and the product was worth over the value of the whole box. You just cant complain about that. I have written a full product review on this item that you can find HERE.

I will continually update this blog with more bullets as the list is endless and would take me forever to do all at once.

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