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So this one is a lot of fun 😄👍

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Product description

Leave a lasting impression that won’t be soon forgotten with the Cloneboy penis moulding kit! It’s a fun and easy way to create an exact replica of your/your man’s erection in all its glory. Our Cloneboy dildo kit comes with everything you need to clone that willy right away; all you’ll need is an erect penis to clone. In this easy to use DIY kit, you even get two sachets of the moulding powder so you can take two different moulds of your penis, one with the included jelly stimulator and one without.

Okay well I’m not too impressed with the accuracy of this description and easy is not the word I would use to describe it 😂😂😂.

So the end product is pretty cool it certainly looks like junior Kinky_D 👍 all the veins are very detailed and over all it’s a good replica. However there are some details missing which I would have liked. I am going to be honest and say, the more you had practice the better the clone would be.

So with only 2 try’s it’s not going to be an exact replica. Well if you get an exact replica please let us know how the hell you managed it so we can give it another go 😄.

So the process was not at all sexy, so if you are thinking this could be some sexy start to an evening get that out your head right now. Sorry to disappoint but it’s more like a messy children’s art class than anything else.

So me and KD got everything out and ready, we felt as prepared as we could be. You have to use the box it came in to actually make the mould container. So scissors and some tape will be required. ( let the craft project commence) after you have got that done and cut to size, it’s time to get it hard. That should be the easy part right ? Well no KD got hard straight away and put the cock ring on all set and ready to go. At this point you are meant to mix the silicone quickly and pour the mixture into the mould containing his cock. It can’t be against the side and must be as centred as you can get it. By the time the mixture was ready to be poured and all the rushing about, performance anxiety had set in. KD wasn’t feeling so kinky anymore 😜😂. So first batch went in the bin. Second and last attempt, well now we know what not to do so at least we are improving 😂😂. He would lay there and not move. I would do the mixing and pouring. Then we would need some stimulating to keep him hard. Obviously I was able to let him play with me during the process whilst I held the mould in place. Well it worked and we where left with our first part complete. Now you have to leave this mould for best results 24hrs. So in the cupboard it went. After the time was over there was a lot of excess water we had to remove. Then you mix up the second part and pour it into the mould. This part was the easiest by far. Again another 24 hr wait. Damn I was hoping I would have been able to play before now. After the long wait you just break up the outside layer to reveal the finished article. A little bit of trimming off the bumpy parts and excess silicone. That was it all done a little wash and ready to go. The finished article had a lot of little defects, this doesn’t effect the feel of it at all but worth mentioning. It’s got so many air bubbles and both me and KD didn’t think there was really anyway that this could be prevented. It did feel very much like him which I was actually surprised at 😮😮.

Overall it is a brilliant thing to have and it’s surprising how attached you become to it. Almost like you want to protect it. KD had a play with it and he too was shocked at how much it felt like his own. Suppose that’s what cloning is. 😂😂.

I’m not sure there is really that much more to say than that. Give it a try for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are.

Overall for the price I wouldn’t say it’s worth it but then again can you put a price on a cloned willy ? Well I guess cloneboy can at around £30 for most places. If guys could manage to do this themselves, which I think would be difficult as I think it’s a two man job. Then it would make for a really sexy gift for your loved one.

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