Condoms can fail, Are you safe?



So recently Durex released an article that was all about this subject, and well if Durex say it then we all have to take their word for it don’t we? None of us want to put ourselves at risk from STI’s and unwanted pregnancies, and with the rise in one-night stands, It’s a good idea to get a more serious about how we stay protected.

So what exactly are the reasons that condoms split?. Apart from actual sabotage of course.

Well Durex say the following:

The top reason for condom breakages and simple and effective ways to keep your rubber and passion intact.

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Expiration Date: A lot of people don’t think condoms actually have an expiry date, but they do and for good reason. After the expiration date condoms become less effective and can easily break or tear. So as much as it might be a right pain in the ass, especially in the throws of passion, please check the date first. You might well just thank me for it later.

Store your condoms correctlySo you keep your condoms in a wallet? well if you do i hope you dont keep them there for long. According to Durex, condoms that are kept in a wallet for too long can actually be damaged due to friction. Yes thats right apparently the friction can actually tear the condom, leaving you and your lover exposed. Also according to Durex, condoms need to be stored in a cool dry place. If you leave them on your bedside table or in direct sunlight, it can damage the material exposing you to all the reasons you want to use it in the first place. So get your rubbers stored in the right conditions and they will be safely ready to go when the passion starts to rev up.

Lack of lubrication: Like most materials, condoms can suffer from friction damage. So before you get down to business make sure you lube up say Durex. In fact they actually have a brand that is pre- lubed, if you just cant be bothered doing it yourself. Whatever you decide to do just make sure its a wet ride. No one wants to kill the passion and finding out your condom has split will be sure to do that. If you are looking for a good lube i have written an article on them here :Lube reviews

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Size Matters: Okay so i usually state in all my sex blogs that size doesnt matter but in this case it really does. Durex say that if you are wearing a condom that is too small, it can cause it to tear or split. So just like your clothes you need the right size. Go up a size if it feels too snug. Condoms come in different sizes for a reason. Likewise if you have decided to go for the king kong, just because it makes you feel good when you rip open the packet then this too can cause its own problems. For one it can decrease the sensations you feel (no one wants that) and semen can leak out. So if you find your condoms to be too loose go down a size or two. Better to be safe than sorry.

Wear it correctly: So most importantly you want to be wearing it right. They should be rolled down gently, always leave a little gap at the top to prevent tears. If you are too excited or nervous, get your lover to secure the condom for you. Take your time to properly secure the condom will reduce the likelihood of tears or slippage. And if you were thinking of doubling up then dont. Durex say this actually reduces the effectiveness of the condom.

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Condoms are a great for of sexual protection and great at providing protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancy, condoms are only effective if they don’t break or tear. So follow these simple instructions and keep you both safe.

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