Do I measure up? Just what size is the average penis?

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According to a 2015 study of more than 15,000 men, the average dimensions for an adult penis are:

length: 13.12cm (5.16 inches) when erect

circumference: 11.66cm (4.59 inches) when erect

There is large variation in the angle of an erect penis. Some erect penises point straight up, others straight down. Some have a slight bend to the left or right. There is no right shape.

So there you have it guys, a small amount of information found easily on the internet. So why is it then that with this information so easily available that I have been asked this question so many times. No let’s be fair every week.

We are all aware that one of the biggest insecurities men have is the size of there penis, especially if they think they are small.

So with me being very open about sex, I am often approached about sex related topics or issues a guy may have, I think they assume I am some sort of expert or something. Anyway this has prompted me to write this blog. Maybe I could address this issue in a little more detail and let all guys know the real truth about whether or not they really do match up.

Let’s be honest here what men are most worried about is not the size of there penis but more what women will think of there penis am I right? 😃 yeah I know I am, otherwise what does it matter?

So I have had big cocks, small cocks and average sized (going by study results). Here is my honest thoughts on the matter, that matter now being. Do I really care about the size of a man’s cock?

Okay so let’s start with really small, what do I class as really small? somewhere around 4 inches hard. Did it make a difference to the sex we had. Answer yes it did, I won’t lie there was just not as much pleasure, well for me anyway, now what I can also say is that this particular ex and me fixed the problem. We tried a lot of different positions and we used toys as well. There are a lot more products on the market now than there was then. So extension sleeves where not a thing. 🙁 so anyway his cock size was not the reason we split up. We where able to talk about it and work around it. I felt after we found a good few positions that worked,  I was very content with our love life. I think with sex and new relationships you have to work on what you and they like and don’t like, so I saw this as not really any different.

I don’t look at a cock and think mmmmm,  I really dont, the sight of a solid dick just doesn’t do it for me 😂😂😂. I don’t get turned on even a little, well unless it’s KDs in his own hand then I might a bit😛. But in general I mean. So the size of said hard cock just doest matter. The look of it doesn’t matter to me either, well unless you are hung like a horse and my thoughts may be 😲😲😲😲 but not because I like the look of a big cock but just because well 😲😲😲😲. Will come back to this a bit later.

Now all  you average guys out there, who for me are the worst offenders, unless the women you are about to be with has just been banging on the BIG BLUE, then I can assure you, you dont have a problem, you are totally normal, you are actually in the best category and you don’t even know it. Just like how you can get a small, medium and large penis this too is true for the vagina. 😲 men everywhere now shocked hehe. So all you average men have a lot of counterparts 😉😉😉 so you see, being average is actually best. Too small and she can’t feel it, too large and it can hurt if it goes too deep, and just like in Goldilocks average is just right.  So all you average guys just be happy your cock is totally normal and believe me or not things could be much worse.

Okay now onto the much desired BIG HUGE MASSIVE category of cocks. Hello there 😉😉 no just joking 😂

I know this is not something you will hear many people complain about, but from not only experience but second hand experience, most guys with a bigger than average cock do have there own concerns as well. I was with someone in this category once and he was so large I was actually put off and scared. He stretched me a lot and sex wasn’t pleasurable due to the pain. For him the sex was awful, he knew he was always causing me pain and that I was not enjoying it and for him this was a major put off. Also he could never fully insert it as it was just too big for me, we couldn’t bang hard and fast which I really like. Overall the experience was not good. There are no sex toys that can make you smaller guys remember that 🙁. I have heard from a lot of bigger men that as much as you would think having a big cock is cool, it’s actually a bit of a curse. That brings me back to my earlier statement when I spoke about how some big cocks make me. 😲😲 this is why, it’s scared shock .  So being bigger ain’t all its hyped up to be after all. If you do suffer from this problem, then you and your partner can buy toys that can help her build up to being able to take the whole of you so don’t despair it is possible. 😃😃. is the male sex toys online superstore

So in conclusion I really honestly don’t think your lady will really care what size you are. All she will care about is being pleasured and there are more ways of doing that than just by penitration. So guys get experienced with good oral, and making her squirm with pleasure and I can assure you, the last thing she will care about is the size of your cock.  Us women don’t care about it ever really, it’s more about what you can do. Don’t get me wrong there will be those women who like it big but maybe just maybe they are the women who would be big also ?

Please guys stop worrying so much about the size of your cock and start worrying about a little thing called CLITORIS as women everywhere, will thank you for it I can assure you.  

Thank for reading 


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