Do You Know Your Way Around The Clitoris?


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I take it if you are reading this you either want to know more about the clit, or maybe you answered YES or No to the article title.

Lets get on then and tell you what you need to know. I am going to write this article as if you don’t have a clue, maybe even said what’s a clitoris?. Okay if you said that you might be under 18 in which case. Please promptly press the back button, this content is not for you.



The clitoris form part of the female reproductive system, it is a small round ball that sits nestled at the top of the labia. When stimulated it creates intense pleasurable feelings which ultimately leads to an orgasm. This diagram will help you if you are completely lost.

The clitoris is a bit like the tip of and iceberg  in regards to how much you can see on the surface. Even at that there are still 8,000 nerve endings in this tiny little thing. Meaning it’s more sensitive than the head of the penis. Just a little factual information there hehe. sorry guys.

All women will like theirs to be played with in a certain way, Oh no you might say, how do i find that out. Well thats where i am here to help. Obviously we can break it down a little. As much as each women like it a different way. There are only a few different combinations.

A study recently carried out came up with this data, which lists the types of pressure, movement and the percentage that like this style.

1.9 (18)
0.4 (3)

Location of touch % (n)
 Directly on clitoris 66.6 (636)
 On the skin around clitoris (e.g., on either side of your clitoris, or above or below it) 45.3 (433)
 Occasionally brushing over clitoris, but not applying pressure to it 25.2 (241)
 On vaginal lips (labia minora or labia majora) 20.4 (195)
 On the mons (the pubic mound; the triangular part where pubic hair grows) 7.8 (74)
 Avoid touching clitoris directly 5.2 (50)
 Other 2.1 (20)
“Shape” or style of touch
 Up and down 63.7 (608)
 Circular 51.6 (493)
 Side to side 30.6 (292)
 Pulsating (rapid pushing in one spot) 21.2 (202)
 Pushing/pressing in one spot 18.9 (180)
 Flicking 16.0 (152)
 Tall ovals 14.0 (133)
 Tapping 11.6 (111)
 Wide ovals 10.2 (97)
 Diagonal 9.8 (94)
 Squeezing/pinching 8.4 (80)
 Pulling 5.4 (52)
 Other 3.0 (28)
 Refused 2.4 (23)
Number of touch styles endorsed
 None 4.7 (44)
 1 41.0 (391)
 2 15.1 (144)
 3 16.0 (153)
 4 8.2 (79)
 5 4.6 (44)
 6 3.1 (29)
 7 1.7 (16)
 8 2.1 (20)
 9 0.9 (90)
 10 0.5 (4)
 All 12 styles of touch
So as you can see from this chart, there are not that many combinations. Give them a try either on yourself or on your partner and find out which one you/she likes best. Once you have found out which one is best. You can now watch as you bring her/you to climax each and every time.
Also don’t be scared to play about a bit and mix things up, i find that a few of these do work for me, it might just take me a little longer to reach climax. Then i have my favourite that gets me there in a timely fashion.
Its really all about exploring the clit and surrounding area and identifying what feels best, good communication is always going to be a plus when it comes to this. Its easier if she tells you what style feels better. Make it more fun by using massage oils. Always remember that when playing with the clitoris it can suffer from friction. So get the little guy really wet before you go all in and end up rubbing it raw.
Thanks for reading.
I am not an expert, always seek professional help where applicable. The opinions on this post are my own, this post has been written from my personal experience or knowledge. I do not take any responsibility if my advice or the products I recommend don’t work for you. Everyone is different therefore it is impossible for me to know if the product or advice I give will suit your needs. These are just my personal experiences and accounts, and are intended to be used only as a reference.

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