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Our review of dead set on pleasure’s surprise box

Dead set on pleasure (DSOP) is a online sex toy company who offer products in the form of boxes, either by subscription or just as an individual purchase. They offer a box for all ranges of sexual interests. Their prices are great and are not going to break the bank. What better way to spice up your love life? DSOP kindly offered us one of their surprise boxes to try and and review for them. This is our honest review of the box and in no way have we been influenced by DSOP.

Their delivery is amazing. I was told it had been dispatched and the very next morning i had the box in my hand. I mean you cant ask for more than that. The packaging as you can imagine was very discreet, no company information was visible. For all anyone knows you could just be getting a nice new pair of shoes. BONUS!

The items enclosed within the box are presented and packaged well. The cost of the surprise box from DSOP is £29.95. We priced up the contents of the box at over £90 as you can see this is great value for money. In actual fact me and KD where so happy with this we think we may try out some of their other boxes in the near future.

All items contained within the package where of very high quality and all packaging was brand new and not damaged. We have had similar boxes from other companies in the past that had damaged packaging or no packaging at all. Upon opening the box we felt that there was a good selection and something for both of us to give a try.

I will now go into what was in our box and a brief review of all products


I will start with the Tenga soft tube cup


This product is basically a penis sleeve only it’s in a container. It comes pre-lubed which is a great bonus especially if you are taking it on your travels. I should mention here that this product is intended to only be used the once.  The texture inside the sleeve is very realistic, considering that when i put my fingers inside it did feel like my pussy. KD says that if the sensations where warm as opposed to being cold, he thinks it would be the closest thing to a real pussy he has ever tried. Bonus there then. I would like to add that the small air hole at the top of the product is badly placed. Its obviously there to increase the suction, however its placement makes it difficult to use. Overall a great product for both solo and couples play. We were very happy to find this in our box.

Next up was the Ultimate Ears vibe


I love this product and i am super happy that DSOP put this in the box. Its such a great little clit vibe. It’s shape and design makes play extremely easy and its shape fits snuggly over the pubic region, and when using during sex it doesn’t get in the way. It is made to a very high quality and we are sure it will last a very long time. It has several different options when it comes to vibrations with both combinations and constant variations. Another great thing about this product, is that it can be charged instead of using batteries, which from our experience always provides stronger vibrations. This toy would be great for solo play or for a couple. It’s fairly quiet but not silent. My moans soon drowned this out. HeHe. We checked the price of this on its own and the product was worth over the value of the whole box. You just cant complain about that. I have written a full product review on this item that you can find HERE.

Next was the Rock Ring cock ring


Again another impressive product, KD loved this, he says its the best cock ring he has tried to date. Until now we have struggled to find a cock ring that actually manages to keep him harder for longer. This cock ring done exactly that. Its made of tough silicone and seems to be very durable and was very comfortable to wear. Another product we where more than happy to receive in our box.

Then there was the JO warming lube


Wow this from my point of view was not warm but more like HOT!!!!! I felt like my pussy was on fire, hehe. After a minute or two this settled down and i was left with a warm sensation. I guess i don’t really like the warming and cooling lubes. For me they take away from the sensations on my clit which ultimately delays my climax. Putting this to one side, it’s a great little lube. Its not sticky like most other lubes, it held up well and stayed wet for our whole play session. Its got an amazing aroma which both me and KD really liked. Overall a great lube we would recommend.

Next was some lovely pink bondage tape


This bondage tape was happily received, given that me and KD are very much into our bondage kinks. This tape is a must have for anyone into bondage and although it is not sticky tape, It binds very well to itself. Trust me, there is no escaping from this tape. What more could you want from bondage tape right?. Its, very good quality tape and a great edition to the box, especially if you have always wanted to try a little bondage but didn’t know where to start.

We feel like the list is endless but then we guess that’s what you can expect from DSOP boxes, they are stuffed full of goodies for you to enjoy.

Next we have the JO mint oral delight


This stuff is really tasty and extremely minty. Sucking off KD has never left my breath so fresh, hehe. No jokes it was as if i had just brushed my teeth. KD says that it actually helped his staying power, as he felt it desensitised him a little. He reported the sensation to be really cooling. Its a good size as well and you don’t need to keep applying it over and over again. Meaning this will last a very long time.

After that we have the Nip Zip ice cube balm


I will confess, i’m not usually a nipple gel/cream type lady but this stuff is really good. Once applied, some gentle blows on the nipple creates the most amazing sensations. Its very cooling and aptly named ice cube as that’s exactly what it felt like.  I am really pleased this was in the box as otherwise i would never have given it a try. This is the first nipple product i have tried that has actually been pleasurable for me.

There was also a few other little bits in the box, some expandable wash wipes which are always handy to have around. Then there was a small drawstring pouch with a few condoms and a little cute packet of love heart sweeties.

DSOP have done themselves proud. We were not sure what to expect from a product that was £29.95, especially given that most products on the market today would be priced at this on their own. We highly recommend this surprise box and can assure you, that the products you will receive will be of very high quality and more than great value for money. I will be letting all my friends know about Dead Set On Pleasure so they can get their hands on their own box. DSOP have a range of different boxes to choose from so why not go take a look and grab yourself a bargain today.


We think the surprise box would be great for anyone who doesnt know where to start when it comes to choosing sex toys and products. Just remember to have an open mind when opening the box, some of the products might not be what you would normally go for, but you may end up finding your new favourite product. Let DSOP do all the hard work for you. They know exactly what to put in their boxes to guarantee you will have a lot of pleasure. We really cannot praise them enough. DSOP hats off to you and your amazing product.

Thanks for reading


I am not an expert, always seek professional help where applicable. The opinions on this post are my own, this post has been written from my personal experience or knowledge. I do not take any responsibility if my advice or the products I recommend don’t work for you. Everyone is different therefore it is impossible for me to know if the product or advice I give will suit your needs. These are just my personal experiences and accounts, and are intended to be used only as a reference.



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  1. […] Money is tight when you start off out in the big wide world of e-commerce and when DSOP started out, offering boxes to bloggers and reviewers who we thought would give us a fair, honest and unbiased review, actually wanting and needing genuine feedback to be able to improve and grow, we got both equally disappointed and frustrated when we never heard from them again (we would never name names), we’ve offered prizes for sharing and liking posts in the past, only to be blocked when we’ve picked a genuine winner (we didn’t understand either, I guess some people get over excited when liking and sharing?!). Don’t get me wrong, I love the business and social media is crucial these days so its bloody brilliant when you come across a reviewer who not only has interest in your products but really likes to help and we found that from The Oooh! Review guys (@theooohreview). Genuine is a word that keeps getting bantered about but this time it is genuinely genuine! We’d love you to check out our latest review on a Surprise Box https://theooohreview.com/2017/09/25/dsop-surprise-box/ […]

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