Earthly Body 3 in 1 Edible Massage Heart Candle


Good morning everyone KC here this is my review on the Earthly Body 3 in 1 Edible Massage Heart Candle.

As always I will start by giving the product description

These gorgeous massage candles, look, smell, feel and even taste divine!! Once lit they then transform into a pool of warm,scented and lickable massage oil. Simply light to set the scene and pour onto the body using the spoon provided. These candles are made using all-natural oils, Hemp Seed, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado & Apricot Oil which hydrate the skin and make it feel heavenly – aswell as completely safe to eat! Set the scene, massage and then lick and nibble your lover into submission. 100% Vegan friendly.


Oil melts at three degress above body tempreture
Melted wax can be used as a mositurizer or warm massage oil

Candles will burn for up to 60 hours (depending on how much oil you use)

100% vegan friendly

Kinky-C review her

Myself and partner KD absolutely love this product.  It comes in a variety of flavours to suit all your sweet taste buds so that’s off to a good start.  I honestly have not got a bad word to say about this. It’s perfect in every way 5⭐️ all round.

Well to start with, this is a really good size, I wasn’t sure what to expect with a RRP price of nearly £18(we got ours free) but have seen these on sale for £12.95. Now this seems like a lot of money for a candle this size, but don’t let that fool you. This is not just any candle.

I loved the fact this little candle is shaped into a heart ❤️, it looks really pretty in its little tin. It comes with a little lid as well which comes in handy when you have finished with the oil and don’t want it to spill everywhere.

This candle has a sexy secret it sits on your bedroom table in full view, completely innocent in its design 😇but Ssshhh!! Dont tell anyone this little candle has a few tricks up its sleeve. 🤗🤗 (excited face).

You light the candle to set the mood, wait until the candle has melted enough to use the oil, but don’t worry this is not a boring process, kiss and cuddle in the lovely aroma it gives off. Once the candle is suitably melted blow the candle out and your ready to go. You can use the small spoon provided, use your fingers or drizzle on your desired areas.

This oil is creamy to the touch, stays oiled for long enough to play, but also soaks into the skin to leave it beautifully soft. It’s not messy at all even although I was expecting it to be.

So me and KD had to review 2 products this and a new flexible massager that had just arrived. It was a great time to give these a test. We had been at it 4-5 times a day for the last week and my lady parts where in desperate need of some rest. So internal was not an option today. We decided these 2 products would work well together. I could play with him and give his cock a nice massage whilst testing the candle and I could use the new massager on myself 👅👅.

I have to say this oil is great tasting, it’s actually delicious 👅👅👅 again with the tongues but if you try this you will understand 😉😉. No seriously this stuff is actually tasty as hell. It’s the perfect warm temperature for massage. It’s not anywhere near the heat of a fetish candle, which I love but KD finds just a tad on the sore side. So perfect for him too. It went on his cock with ease and didn’t dry quickly like some lubes or just spit, (I will come back to that again a little later). I dribbled a little over his nipples too and he seemed to really enjoy it. What I thought was really cool feature to this oil is that when you give your partner a blowy the oil coats your lips, and this helps spread the oil down the shaft. I find with most lubes or even just spit, it drys up pretty fast and there is a constant need to reapply which can be distracting. It’s like you can suck it off easily. This oil seems to stay put so you can give him a blowy without any distractions or awkward stops and starts. Another benefit this has is that it actually helps the process of a blow job. The oil makes his cock slide in my mouth 👄 with ease and my tongue could slide around much easier too. All a bonus in my opinion. The aroma is also amazing. It takes away the usual cock smell ( come on you all know what I mean even clean dick smells like dick) well not with this your cock smells enticing mmmmmmm. Girls if you didn’t like giving head before your gonna sure love it now.

This little innocent candle makes me want to suck off KD. I mean I love giving him head anyway it’s one of my favourite things to pleasure him, but this could make them so much more enjoyable for me. And let’s face it the more you enjoy it the more often and longer you will do it . Can’t see any man complain can you? I have not let KD use this on me yet but can’t wait to give that a whirl he’s gonna be down there a while 😜😜👅.  I imagine you could use this oil for back and shoulder rubs, but think that would be waste of the product and if that’s what you want the massage candle for,  I suggest you just buy a decent massage oil.

Another awesome thing about the oil is that it stays on your lips for about an hour, so everytime you lick your lips after you are reminded of the sexy slutty antics you just got up to which is such a turn on, ding ding round 2 🤙

My summery :- awesome product, worth the money,  turns your partner into a human lollipop 🍭mmmmm and makes you want to keep going back for more. Only problem is you will have to try all the flavours shame eh not! 

Kinky-D review his

Well what can I say about this little pot of god damn awesome, it’s blowjob gold, men for centuries have been looking for the holy grail, I can tell you it’s not a wooden cup buried under a piramid in a desert somewhere, it’s in a little heart shaped tin on my bedside cabinet. 😉😬

Now I don’t think any man anywhere would turn down a BJ from his bedroom queen, but when KC offered to try out this new massage candle on my humble little guy how could I say no, (right?) I did have slight reservations about the whole “hot wax” thing, especially after having watched a particularly funny scene from the 40 year old virgin. 😱 but I thought F**k it why not (not a great outlook to base heat related sex games on I know) but anyway we cracked on regardless. 🤙

My god was I impressed. First there was a period of kissing and mood setting (bonus not just a quick BJ) while the wax gets up to temperature 🤒 then followed the warm ( YESSS not to hot) dripping oil all over, It was rather plesant on and around the nipple area I have to say, 😵. The oil didn’t feel too oily and was rather nice. Even better that it’s edible, I can’t speak for the other flavours but Mrs KC seemed to love the peach 🍑

Well the best was yet to cum( pun intended ) as soon as that waxy BJ dust hit my helmet it was fast disappearing into an open mouth, the oil helped her lips slide all the way down the shaft coating the whole penis in a peach flavour. My god I now know what a solero goes through  in that mouth on a hot summers day. 👄👄

This stuff will be sold out I imagine as there is already a case of 48 peach flavour heading to my door as we speak. Will have to try one of every other flavour. I feel it would be unfair to rate all the rest without giving them a thoroughly good testing 😉

To sum up guys :- buy this shit and you too can feel what a solero goes does 👅👅.

Our rating

  • Value for money ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Quality ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • His pleasure ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a 🤙
  • Her pleasure ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a 10⭐️ for taste

To summarise this product is great, go and buy it, no I mean it  buy it,  right here

Thank you for reading our blog, if you have any questions for either KD or KC please leave a comment and will will try to answer as best we can



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