Edible underwear review


So whilst this is a product you would expect to be sexy I must say that I feel this is more of a novelty item.

I have actually tried a few different brands of these and as a child I did like a edible necklace 😜 as an adult however this is really sickly and easily 10 times bigger.

So which did I try and what where my thoughts?

So I got the lovers candy nipple tassels


So look at this 😄😄 looks cute right? So what I will say about these are that they are very well made. I thought maybe the sticky tape on them would not hold given the product does have a good weight. However these held up well even with a little bounce about 😜.

It’s a great way to bring a little fun to the bedroom and we had such a laugh. Don’t expect them to be eaten off thou as this would take way too long 😂😂 they will end up either in the bin or in your hand for eating them later on.

The second thing I have tried is the the candy g-string

So for anyone not wanting sweets up there hoopla 😜 you will be able to buy the full panties version. So all is not lost. Again with these they are great fun especially paired with the nipple tassels. They where a good size for me and fitted without any stretch. I am a size 6/8uk so I would say these could go up to a size 14/16 with stretch.

Again your not going to eat these off well unless you love this candy. But for the comical value and a lot of fun brought to the bedroom this is a good product.

I hope if you decide to buy this product you have as much fun as me and KD had.

Enjoy  and happy eating 😄

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