Faux Leather Heart Ankle Cuffs

Faux Leather Heart Ankle Cuffs – Bondara

I was sent these faux leather heart ankle cuffs from Bondara in exchange for me review. Bondara have not influenced my opinion. As always, my review is honest and unbiased.

Product Description

Buckle in for a night of bondage with the Bondara Faux leather Heart Ankle Cuffs. Take control of your submissive playmate as you adjust each strap for the perfect fit. Made from faux leather, the narrow cuffs are lined for comfort and feature heart-shaped cut-outs in red velvet, creating a softer, more romantic feel to your restraint.

Connected by trigger hook clasps, the black chain can quickly and easily be detached for versatile play.

First Impressions

Bondara recently asked me to review some of their faux leather heart bondage items. These ankle cuffs were part of that set and i really love the look of them. I have always liked for my restraints to look chunkier and i wasn’t disappointed with these, thanks to their chunky chain and buckles.

The straps themselves are adjustable between 8.5 inches and 11.5 inches in length, they are 1 inch in height and have a nice long 9-inch chain, which is detachable for versatility.

So i wanted to talk a bit about the design of these ankle cuffs. One of the things i like about them is the way in which the black faux leather compliments the red felt heart inserts. Normally i am not the gushy love hearts type gal but i really like the hearts in this design. Maybe it’s because these ankle cuffs are not just cute little cuffs, to me they have a little rock chick feel to them.

On inspection, these cuffs seem really hard-wearing and from what i can tell only good quality materials have been used. I actually love the red stitching which matches the style, and what’s more is that it’s so tastefully done, with no obvious frays and perfectly straight lines. (what can i say I’m a sucker for details)

My first impressions of these ankle cuffs were very positive, i was looking forward to matching it with a few other items and lingerie and getting my freak on.

Wear Ability & Pleasure 

I actually love how soft and comfortable these faux leather heart ankle cuffs are. Thanks to their soft plush lining these cuffs are not hard and don’t dig into your skin.

The buckles are nice and chunky and easy to adjust, they feel really secure when on, and definitely kept me where KD wanted me. I actually really liked the fact that these cuffs have a detachable 9-inch chain. Not only does this help with changing positions but you can also attach these ankle cuffs to a spreader bar if you have one. Although we didn’t try it out i would imagine that they could also be attached to our under bed restraints.

I have found with some ankle cuffs that the length of the chain has you pretty restricted when it comes to standing up and changing between positions, but the long length of chain on these cuffs allows for some versatility.

I matched this with some of the other products in the range and as a set it really is beautiful. KD really loves the design of these ankle cuffs, but what really stood out to him was how secure he felt they were. I guess you could say i am a bit of a wriggler and these really helped KD keep me in check.

Over All

These faux leather heart ankle cuffs are really good quality, made for hard-wearing faux leather. The detailing on the stitching is perfect with no obvious defects.

The cuffs are really comfortable to wear, they have a really soft plush lining which stops the cuffs from digging in or feeling hard against your skin.

They have an adjustable 6 hole buckle fastening which allows for a good amount of adjustment from 8.5 inches to 11.5 inches.

The cuffs are made from black faux leather with red felt heart inserts, this really makes the design stand out, and brings a little romance into the bedroom. (wink)

I think that these faux leather ankle cuffs would be great for beginners as well as the more experienced.

You can buy these faux leather heart cuffs from Bondara for £11.99, that’s a 20% saving as they are a new product to be listed on Bondaras site. I think this is great value for money given the attention to detail and quality of the product.

If you would like to own a set of these ankle cuffs yourself you can buy them HERE, also if you would like to see the other items in the range you can do so HERE.


Quality: (5 / 5)
Performance: (5 / 5)
Value for Money: (5 / 5)

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