Faux Leather Heart Blindfold

Faux Leather Heart Blindfold – Bondara

This really cute faux leather heart blindfold from Bondara was sent to me free of charge in exchange for this review. Bondara have not influenced my opinion and as always, my review will be honest and unbiased.

Product Description

Bring a touch of romance to your bondage with the Bondara Faux Leather Heart Blindfold. Experience the thrill of sensory deprivation as the black, faux leather mask blocks out any light. Heart-shaped, velvet cut-outs create a softer finish to the blindfold, while red stitching complements the romantic design.

Featuring an elasticized strap for a comfortable fit and shaped to follow the contours of your face, this blindfold will soon become a bedroom favourite.

First Impressions

When i first received this faux leather heart blindfold from Bondara i was really impressed with the detailing and quality of the product. I recently tried out their rose gold blindfold so it was good for me to use that as a comparison. One thing i noticed which they both had in common was the quality.

This blindfold seems to be made of the strong stuff, it’s not exactly the best made blindfold around but it’s not cheap and flimsy either. The stitching on the product is even with no obvious frays or snags. The rivets at either side of the blindfold are very well placed and smooth with no sharp or protruding parts.

The blindfold has an elastic band attached to the back which goes around your head to secure the blindfold in place and a soft velvet lined back to ensure your comfort.

The length of the blindfold it 8.5 inches.

I am not usually one for hearts and cutesy things but the little heart detailing on this blindfold is very tastefully done.

I really like the way in which the little hearts are inserted within the blindfold using red velvet. I think that this coupled with the black faux leather really makes the design detailing pop and adds so much more dimension to the product.

Over all my first impression of this faux leather heart blindfold was good.

Wear ability and Pleasure

I feel that this is the part that lets this faux leather heart blindfold down. As great as the design and quality is, i found that the elastic strap which attached the blindfold to my head was a little too big for me. This meant that when i put the blindfold on it didn’t shape to my face the way i would have liked.

Given that blindfolds are made to stop you from seeing i found this to be quite a big flaw with this particular one. I could basically see everything out the bottom. So, there was nothing blind about it. I tried shaping it myself and tried it lower down my face in the hope that this would correct the issue but to no avail. Eventually i decided it was best if i just closed my eyes and tried to not peek.

The one thing that i have to say it does score high on is how comfortable it is, the soft velvet back really does make it feel like a dream to wear.

Over All

Great quality faux leather with beautiful red velvet heart detailing.

I was not impressed at the way in which the product fitted my head, but the soft velvet back was very comfortable to wear.

This blindfold has an elasticized band which is attached to the back of the product for placing on the head, i would have liked if this had been adjustable in some way. I actually just put a tie in this to help with the fit. Although this did not help me with the visual issues ( i could still see out the bottom) it did make the blindfold fit a little better.

You can buy this faux leather heart blindfold from Bondara for £6.99 which is a really good price considering the quality and detailing this product has to offer. You can actually get this product in Bondaras 3 for £15 deal currently, so you could match it with a few other items for a better deal.

If you are looking for a good quality blindfold and are not too concerned with being able to see out of it then this might be the ideal blindfold for you.

You can buy this faux leather heart blindfold HERE. Bondara also have matching pieces for you to take a look at HERE.


Quality: (4.0 / 5)
Performance: (2.0 / 5)
Value for Money: (4.0 / 5)

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