Faux Leather Heart Paddle

Faux Leather Heart Paddle – Bondara

I recently received some of Bondaras heart collection. I was sent their faux leather heart paddle free of charge in exchange for my honest unbiased review. Bondara have not influenced my opinion in any way.

Product Description

Velvety, heart-shaped cut-out delivers a softer spank, Use the smooth, faux leather side for sharper slaps, Comfortable handle and wrist loop keeps you in control.

Experience spanking satisfaction with the Bondara Faux Leather Heart Paddle as you deliver sharper or softer slaps with the double-sided design. Completely smooth on one side for harder impact, the opposite side of this faux leather paddle features a velvet, heart-shaped cut-out for a more gentle finish.

Confidently take hold of the paddle and use the wrist loop to ensure you’re always in complete control. This gorgeous paddle is perfect for both beginners and as an addition to a growing bondage box!

First Impressions

Oooh! I love the cute design of this paddle, it pulls on all my romantic heart-strings. I mean come on now this thing is almost too cute to get dirty with don’t you think?

Okay so as much as i am not the mushy, cheesy romantic myself, i do like a little hearts and flowers from time to time. For me when i first saw this paddle i was instantly thrown through a loop. I find it hard to connect to the whole hearts and sex thing. By that i mean for me sex is not really all about love, its dirty and exciting. Daring and adventurous, i like for my paddles to say pain not love.

All the same i really did have to appreciate this paddle for what it is, a really cute heart paddle, and much to my disarray i actually really like it’s design. Its soft padded heart really does open up the possibilities for beginners, and makes this paddle great for all, a feature that left me impressed.

Okay so it may be cutesy wootsy but at least it’s going to be less daunting to someone unsure where to start with paddles.

Right okay so this heart paddle is a great size and shape its 12 inches in length and from what i can tell seems to be made of good hard-wearing materials. It has a very comfortable handle, with an extra little cord to stop it sliding out your hand during use.

One side of the paddle is plain faux leather and the other side is faux leather with a soft velvet heart.



Like i had said earlier, I’m not exactly a hopeful romantic, I really just don’t associate sex with hearts and flowers and cute little loving details. For me these things can actually put me off buying products.

i got around the idea of using this cute little paddle with the knowledge that chances were i would be blindfolded whilst it was being used on me and i could concentrate just on the paddle and not on the heart, after all it’s not what it looks like but how much spank it delivers. Well at least that’s the way i view it.

It delivers a really nice soft spank on the heart-shaped side yet still had a little sting at certain times. However, for me and KD it was the full faux leather side that really impressed. This side was able to deliver a much stingier blow, and even left some marks. If you follow my blog and reviews you should be aware that this is something i look for when it comes to paddles, canes and crops.

For me sitting the next day with some bruises and my ass still on fire is basically the desired effect. I want to remember what happened the night before.

Both myself and KD where happy with how this little cutesy wootsy paddle performed, It produces a nice noise when it makes contact which is always ideal for us, given that for us the noise is half the turn on. The swoosh through the air just before touchdown adds excitement and a little anticipation.

Hell, we might even have to get this out at valentine’s day, when we finally give in to all that’s cute in world and actually make love instead of our usual lust filled shenanigans. At least we can guarantee that our night will be filled with hearts as well as good spankings.

Over All

I found the faux leather heart paddle from Bondara to be made from good quality hard-wearing materials, this is one heart that’s not going to be broken easily.

The red velvet heart is so soft and coupled with the black faux leather, this little unbreakable heart pops!

I feel that this paddle would be great for beginners, the padded heart allows for a much softer approach whereas the full faux leather side is great for the more experienced among us, or for those beginners who are ready for more sensation.

I loved the sharp sting it managed to create as well as the noises it made swishing through the air.

It has a cutesy wootsy design which is not for me but beautifully cute all the same.

You can currently buy this heart paddle from Bondara for £11.99 £15.99  at 25% off because it’s a new product to be added to their website. If you would like to purchase this product you can do so HERE.


Quality: (5 / 5)
Performance: (5 / 5)
Value for money: (5 / 5)

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