Faux Leather Heart Wrist Cuffs

Faux Leather Heart Wrist Cuffs – Bondara

OMG i am so excited to write this review.

I received these faux leather heart wrist cuffs from Bondara, free in exchange for this review. Bondara have not influenced my opinion and as always, this review is honest and unbiased.

Product Description

Shackle your sub with the Bondara Faux Leather Heart Wrist Cuffs. Creating a softer, more romantic look to your restraint, these narrow, faux leather cuffs feature heart-shaped cut-outs in a gorgeous, red velvet. Find the perfect fit with the adjustable strap before fastening with the sturdy buckle.

The connecting chain is black to coordinate with the cuffs, and can easily be detached using the trigger hook clasps for versatile bondage.

Even the product description gets me going

First Impressions

Well first off i would like to say, how could you not be impressed with these little gems?

Even although i am not normally drawn to heart designed products, these cuffs grabbed my attention straight away.

The design of the black faux leather straps, with red felt heart inserts, really make these cuffs stand out from the crowd.

I especially liked that these cuffs have a very chunky chain and buckles, this really makes the cuffs look and feel expensive in my opinion.

Some dimensions

Length of straps – from 7 inches to 9 inches.

Thickness of straps – 1 inch

Chain length – 9 inches.

Having given these cuffs a good going over, they seem to be made from really good, hard-wearing materials. All the stitching looks even with no obvious issues.

overall my first impression of these heart wrist cuffs was positive.

Wear Ability & Pleasure

I am so impressed at the way in which these heart wrist cuffs feel on, the soft plush lining makes them so comfortable and they don’t dig in or feel hard against your skin. They are actually a joy to wear.

The chunky buckles are easy to adjust and feel really secure, just what you want from good wrist cuffs.

I particularly like the thickness & length of the metal chain, its long enough to allow for some movement, which its great for changing up positions, and the thickness of the chain makes the wrist cuffs feel expensive. Another great thing is that the chain is detachable, so this makes changing positions a breeze too.

Not only do these wrist cuffs feel good on and have a lot of functionality, but they also look amazing on. I really felt like a very special SUB wearing these and KD was impressed with them as well. I matched them with some black and red lingerie and they were the perfect accessory.

Over All

I am really impressed at the quality and wear ability of these faux leather heart wrist cuffs from Bondara. They are beautifully designed, and you can tell they are made with attention to detail in mind, from the red and black detailing right through to the perfectly machined stitching.

These wrist cuffs range from 7 inches to 9 inches in length and have an adjustable 4 hole buckle fastening.

Really soft plush lining that makes these cuffs super comfortable to wear.

You can detach the chain and attach a lead if you have one, this also makes changing positions easier.

These cuffs would be great for beginners as well as the more experienced.

At the moment Bondara has these faux leather heart wrists cuffs at 25% off, now £11.99. I think that this is amazing value for money and a really great investment. I am sure that these cuffs will be around for a while and would be a good product to add to your toy collection.

If you would like to own a set for yourself you can buy them HERE, or if you would like to see some of Bondaras matching bondage items you can do that HERE.


Quality: (5 / 5)
Performance: (5 / 5)
Value for Money: (5 / 5)

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