Fetish Fantasy Gold Pleasure Faux Crocodile Leather Paddle Reviews 


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Product description

A spanking paddle Crocodile Dundee would be proud of, this faux crocodile leather spanker is short in length yet broad in width making it perfect for beginners who like to take their implements on the road. Stylish and non-intimidating for first-time fun. Hold onto the strong handle and punish naughty bottoms with its 3.5 inch wide surface area that spreads sensation for maximum pleasure. While the patent finish makes it easy to clean, its overall small proportions make it perfect for transport and discreet storage.

Okay so what do we think of this paddle? Well for me this product is not that great. ☹️ me and KD have tried a few paddles now and I wouldn’t say this one stands out. Even experienced participants can’t get a good spank out of it. In my honest opinion it’s like being spanked by a wet fish 🐟. The material makes the paddle very cold to the touch which I didnt really like very much. Okay so it’s a rather nice looking paddle but as for actual usability for me it just doesn’t pack enough of a sting.

The paddle on close inspection does look well made but the materials looks cheap. I do not think the price tag on this product is good infact I think it’s actually overpriced based on the quality of the materials.

I have one good thing to say about this product and that is, the size is really good, it fits well in the hand and you can get a really good grip on the handle. It’s the perfect size to fit in your handbag or store neatly in a bedside drawer.

KD says, I did enjoy using this product on KC, and upon contact it does make really good smacking noise which I love. However this product didn’t make her jump or gasp like some of the other paddles we have tried.

Overall we suggest you look around a bit and we are sure you will find that is better value for money.

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