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Our review of the finger O’s nubby


When Sploosh asked us to review the finger O’s nubby, KD was delighted. He had seen these around and had been desperate to try them out. I had to stop him tearing open the packaging before I got my media photos. As always our opinion has not been influenced by sploosh and our review is honest and reliable.

We shall start with the company product description.

Product Description

Whether used solo or during intercourse, the perfectly snug FingO stretches to fit any size finger and features a perfectly angled tip that really hits the spot every time One supplied, colours and design will vary slightly.


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The finger O is a very attractive little toy and comes in colourful packaging, nothing fancy. We got the purple one. As you would imagine this toy is about the size of a finger. Basically, it is a small battery-operated bullet vibrator with a very soft silicone sleeve. The product comes with batteries so you don’t need to purchase these separately. On one side of the sleeve there are little small bumps and on the other, there is a stretchy finger hold. The product looks well-made and is extremely compact.


Operating the finger O’s nubby

To hold the nubby, you must slide your finger into the strap provided, me and KD noticed that it was rather loose at the tip of your finger, I think this could be sorted with a second or wider strap.

Because there is only one strap your finger doesn’t fit snuggly which does affect your control. It’s easier to not use the strap at all, which makes you wonder why it’s even a feature. This bullet only has one setting and doesn’t feature any modes. It’s a one press on, one press off function, which is easy to use.


Our thoughts.


This product is £10.95 from Sploosh. Which in our opinion is reasonably good value. It’s not going to break the bank and is a good little bullet to add to our collection. It doesn’t have the most powerful of vibrations and this does let the product down but its good enough to help aid in solo masturbation.

The reason I say solo is because of the following. When KD used this on me he encountered a few issues. As your finger sits slightly down from the head of the sleeve, you can’t really tell exactly which part of the body you are touching and are always a little off.

As you can imagine this can make all the difference when it comes to clitoral stimulation, as a few millimetres can mean the difference between climax or frustration. However, when I used the nubby during solo play this wasn’t an issue, obviously because I was aware of where I was touching. It took me a while to climax with this product, and honestly i wasnt sure if this was due to the vibrations or just the clitoral stimulation.

Taking this into consideration we feel that this bullet would be best suited for self-pleasuring. The nubby is very quiet, it’s not silent so maybe not advisable to use it in the bathroom at work. hehe.



This could be a great little toy to help aid solo masturbation, I know it’s a toy I would pull out from time to time to have a little play. I would like to try out the other designs to see if they are more pleasurable. I am also curious if you can have them all on one hand and change them up. This could be interesting. After all variety is the spice of life.

KD didn’t like this toy much and was disappointed with it, after all the anticipation he felt let down. I feel this was due to the fact he didn’t have the control he would have liked. The sleeve is the best part about this toy, its really soft and the little bumps feel really good. We actually put this sleeve on another bullet we owned and felt this worked really well.

If you would like to give these a try for yourself then you buy them HERE.

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