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Having sex for the first time


I started having sex when I was 15. My first time wasn’t bad. I’ve had so many women tell me their first time was horrible. Mine was just as I had expected. I really wanted it and still believe today that I was ready.  After that first time I was hooked. The feeling it gave me was liberating and empowering. It made me feel like a woman and not a girl.

Every one of my friends were telling me that they were doing it and it seemed I was lagging a bit behind. Was it because I wasn’t sexy enough?

Well as it turns out it wasn’t that I was not sexy enough, it was that my friends were lying about what they were really getting up to. Yet I remember that being a huge factor in me wanting to lose my virginity. It was like some sort of evidence that I was attractive and men would want to sleep with me. The other factor was that if everyone else was doing it then why wasn’t I? Peer pressure was a huge factor for me looking back on it now.

All my friends would tell me they were having sex and that it was great. I had been experimenting on myself and felt ready to take things to the next stage. I was dating at the time and my boyfriend was super-hot. He had all the girls drooling at him and I was super happy to call him mine. We messed about a bit kissing, touching but nothing more. I told him I was ready and that I wanted us to take it to the next level. He was such a great guy and was very mature for being 16.

He wanted us to wait and make it special for me when I turned 16, he explained he didn’t want to break the law or get in trouble. I totally get this now and really respect that he could be so honest with me. I see that he only meant well and was just being respectful. However, at the time I didn’t see it this way. I wanted sex and was offering it up on a plate and he was rejecting me. All my friends were having sex with their older boyfriends so it couldn’t be that. Cut a long story short I dumped him and looked elsewhere. Shocking I know, I was so stupid.

I eventually met this bad boy who was 17. He was another hottie but totally the wrong kind of company for me to keep. All the same I wanted to be fucked and this might be the guy for the job. He had been in trouble with the law so obviously my age was not going to be an issue. Basically, I throw myself at him one night. I hit the jackpot and he carried me to his room. I was feeling so many different things excited, anxious, nervous and scared but most importantly I was so turned on.

Finally, I was going to get to experience the real thing, I had been thinking about this for such a long time and finally it was happening. He was surprisingly gentle and kind. He kept checking I was okay. We were safe and he used a condom. When he first put it in, it felt nippy for a second then the pleasure took over. I loved it so much, it was better than I had ever hoped for.

Half way through he came and went off to the bathroom, once he came back we started to mess about again. This time we had sex without the condom. Yikes I know! He asked me if I would go on top. I remember thinking oh shit! I don’t know what I’m doing. I said to him ” Oh, I don’t know how to do that” he was understanding and helped me out. I managed to get the hang of it quickly and really enjoyed it even if I felt a little self-conscious.

Afterwards I got dressed and ran to tell my friend all about it. She was dating an older guy who lived in the same building and was in his room. The guy I was with came into the room too and we all sat and had a chat. He was joking about with my friend’s boyfriend and told him what we had just done. At this point my friend told him it was my first time. I was so embarrassed and wanted the ground to swallow me up.

He asked me to go with him to talk a little in private. I was so worried he was going to be angry at me. That he would be pissed I had not told him. Or worse would think I was a silly little girl and wouldn’t like me anymore. I shouldn’t have worried, he was so sweet telling me he wished I had said, he could have made it special for me.

So many people tell me their first time was horrible but mine was great. I am not sure if it was purely down to the fact I was ready. Maybe these people had a bad experience because they felt pressured into it. Yeah, I had pressure on me too but I think it was at a time when I was prepared for the next level.

I urge everyone to make sure you are ready. I am sure if you pick the right person and you are ready your first time will be much better. You don’t want to spend your whole life regretting it. Also, please as intimidating as the whole situation is please have a voice. Make sure you tell them to put a condom on. Make them aware it’s your first time. Don’t ever do anything you are not happy with.

Always respect them and yourself, having sex is a very intimate thing and can leave both parties very vulnerable don’t take this for granted.

Not everyone who has sex for the first time has a bad experience and it’s down to you to make sure it’s what you want it to be. Don’t let anyone pressure you and only have sex if you feel happy to do so.

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