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My top tips on giving great head

So i thought seen as i am a self confessed blowjob queen, why not share with you my techniques. Hey you gotta love me right?

Okay so i have never had any complaints in this department, often being told by ex’s that i was the best they have ever had. So thats what brings me to writing this blog. Okay so without giving myself a BIG HEAD (Pun intended), It’s always been one of my talents.

I have always loved giving oral to my sexual partners and get very turned on at the prospect. I have done a lot of research on this over the years, and have always liked to try different techniques. For me i could go down on a cock for a long time. I dont like to just do a quick suck, head banging style. hehe. For me i like to take it slow then work up to this for the climax. Then again sometimes i don’t have to go at it like drill hammer just to get them to climax, you wont have to either after you have read this article. We will go into this in a bit more detail later.

I would like to point out that for me i think the term blowjob is very misleading, given there is no blowing involved. Im sure i actually read something a long time ago stating that this can be painful for the receiver, however i dont have any experiences with this to back that up. Okay so now we all know DONT BLOW.

Right so there is this TIP thats goes about that i also want to dismiss here, I have read so many articles lately saying that its a good idea to practice on a banana or treat the cock like a banana in terms of sucking power. Well i disagree with this, there are men who like to be sucked with a great amount of power, also if you suck hard on a cock it won’t snap which you will often find with a banana. If you really want to practice in your own time and not on your partner. I suggest you just practice on a realistic dildo. Especially given the tips you are about to receive, no banana is going to replicate it as much as a realistic dildo can.

First off you dont want to just ram it in there. Just like us women men do like you to warm up. Now that’s not to say you can’t, as i dont think you would hear too many complaints from him. For the purpose of this article let’s build up.

  • Start by rubbing and gently squeezing his balls, kissing his thighs, some men love when you stroke there perineum so maybe give that a try too. Gentle scratching of the stomach and thighs can add huge pleasure before you even get started. Tease him a little by going close to his cock but dont put it in your mouth just yet, some gentle kisses will cause him to twitch and will soon have him desperate for more. I recommend taking your time at this part maybe 5-10 mins.
  • Secondly you want to take his cock in one of your hands and gently stroke it a few times, he will have been looking for some stroking sensations and this is a great way to get started.
  • Now you want to get it wet, you can choose to do this in a few ways. There are a lot of tasty lubes and oral gels out there that you may want to try. They are not only great at getting things nice and wet down there, but also provide a tasty treat and lovely aroma, especially for the people who don’t actually like the taste of cock. You can also sink it into your mouth and get it wet like that, word of warning thou saliva doesn’t stay wet and it not the best for keeping things nice and slippy. The 3rd option could be to spit on his cock, As weird as it may sound a lot of men love this and find it really sexy.
  • Now you have him all wet and ready to go you want to start with the teasing. I like to take my tongue and run it down the length of the shaft. a few times, I then like to suck really gently up and down either side of the shaft. At this point i may even have a little suck on the balls.
  • The next step will be to get that cock in your mouth, i like to just suck gently on the head first, between sucks i like to flick my tongue back and forth quickly. I have found some like this whereas others find it a little too sensitive. Give it a try and see if he likes it. I would then put the length of the cock into my mouth going to the base if i can fit it all in. I suck up and down Slowly head banging with a medium pressure suck. You will only want to do this a few times, dont want it being over before you even started.
  • Next up for me is what i like to call the blowjob twist. Whilst sucking downwards i like to start off straight but by the time i reach the base of the cock i like to have my head at about 2-3 o’clock position. Likewise i like to do the same on the way back to the tip, only this time i will end in a 9-10 o’clock position. I would do this a few times and alternate between that and my Flicking of the tongue on the head.
  • Another thing i like to add to my blowies is a cock shake. I take the cock in my hand and put the head into my mouth, keeping an O shape with my mouth i shake the head just inside my mouth opening, Basically slapping it off the inside of my mouth and off my gums.You can do this really fast and it creates a really good noise which he will love. You can also suck gently at the same time. I recommend getting this technique down first before adding the sucking as it a bit of a multitask.
  • The other thing that’s good to do between headbanging is to give him a hand job whilst licking the tip. You can alternate between the two and add in a little rim licking too.

Okay so there you have my tips. Lets go into it a bit better. If you know your partner really well you will be able to tell when he is getting close to climax. Once you know when this is about to happen you can prolong him. I like to switch it up between all these techniques. Maybe having him close about 4-5 times. I can sometimes make it last longer than this. As i mentioned earlier you dont have to head bang to get the job done. This technique can actually have him cumming, just by taking your time and using the right amount of suction. After all that teasing it’s not going to take much to suck him over the edge.

Whats most important is that you enjoy what you are doing. Try and experiment a bit. Everyone is different and you might find a technique that works for both you and him that is not mentioned here.

I really hope you find these tips helpful.

Thanks for reading and happy sucking!!!


I am not an expert, always seek professional help where applicable. The opinions on this post are my own, this post has been written from my personal experience or knowledge. I do not take any responsibility if my advice or the products I recommend don’t work for you. Everyone is different therefore it is impossible for me to know if the product or advice I give will suit your needs. These are just my personal experiences and accounts, and are intended to be used only as a reference.

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