High intensity bunny arouser bullet 


I have actually feature this bullet in my bullet vibrator reviews post but felt this deserved a post all of its own.

Product description

Make like Paul Daniels and pull a hat-trick with this Bunny Bullet. Use the sleek silver bullet standalone or slip on the stretchy sleeve to feel Thumper’s textured teasers caress your clitoris. A 31 inch wired controller lets you (or your partner) set the pace with a scroll wheel, sending powerful vibrations to the smooth 2.3 inch bullet. The flexible sleeve feature bumps and nodules with ears that pin-point your clitoris for targeted stimulation, and is entirely removable for easy cleaning.

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This has currently just taken over as my favourite bullet. 😄😄

So seen as that is the case I thought I could tell my readers why. To start with the bullet itself is really well made. The wire length is quite long so you do have some room to move there, if you are controlling this yourself then there is ample cordage to do so and the same can be said if your partner is in control.  The actual battery pack and control until is a little flimsy which would be my only negative to this bullet.

Now onto the sleeve, it’s feels really soft and well made and is easy to attach or remove from the actual bullet. It has a lot of little bumps which add to the overall pleasure you will experience.

So now onto the actual pleasure side, this is where this little fella gets my attention. It’s a very intense bullet, which in my experience is actually quite hard to find. With or without the sleeve you will be sure to climax. With the sleeve on, the vibrations stay strong and the feel and positioning of the ears is great. I actually found that I didn’t need the highest setting on this toy and middle range will still blow your socks off. 😜.  So what more could you want from a bullet right ?

KD says ” amazing product hit the spot and was really easy to operate, got KC going really quickly, the fact that KC has added it to the draw string bag with all her favourites, suggests I’m going to be using this bullet a lot more often”.

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Overall I highly rate this product and as I have mentioned already its now my favourite bullet. You can buy yours at www.lovehoney.co.uk

I am positive if you buy this product you will not be disappointed. Lovehoney actually have this on sale for £9.99 a saving of £10 from the usual retail price of £19.99. Can’t argue at that. I would also say that if this product is not on sale when you find my post, I would still feel the £19.99 is good value for money.

So all that’s left to say is happy ooohing!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for reading.


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