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What it’s really like to be a sex toy tester


I get a lot of people contacting me telling me how much they would love to be a sex toy tester. They ask me how it works and if I get free toys. But is sex toy testing really all about the free toys?

I thought why not write up a blog on the subject. What being a sex toy tester is really like?

When I first started reviewing sex toys, I wasn’t doing it for free toys, in fact I was buying my own toys and then, well reviewing them. I would log onto the website from which I bought the toy and would write down my opinions. I was buying toys so regularly that I started to get the hang of what a good review included. The ones that people liked or marked as helpful. I really enjoyed knowing that someone was benefiting from my knowledge.

I would spend a good deal of time sitting thinking in detail about how the product looked, performed and if it was good value for money. It was my husband that really changed that situation. Otherwise I would have spent the rest of my life just doing that. After a while of reviewing I had started to ask his opinion on the toys. I realised I had only written these reviews from a very one-sided point of view. Surely a way to beef up these reviews would be to include my husband’s perspective.

After I had written up a few in this style people seemed to really respond to it. It was then that my husband said I should write them in a blog. I wasn’t too sure to begin with, who would be interested in that?

I didn’t see any reason to not give it a try, if at least one person got some useful and beneficial information then I suppose it would be worth it. I started by writing up some of my old reviews. What I didn’t consider was the length. Up until now my reviews were typical of that found on websites, a few paragraphs at best. After copying them into my blog I had 50 – 100 words at best. Damn!! I was going to have to get creative.

One problem I found was that when I reviewed items like condoms or cock rings, it was hard to get great content. Just how much can you really say about them? Yeah it worked as I didn’t get pregnant, felt good, fitted well. Hehe.

It took me a while to find my writing flow. Eventually over time I got better and better at knowing what I needed to write, what people were responding too and what they seemed to discredit. It wasn’t an easy thing to do I ended up with loads of trashed blogs.

After I had a good amount of content on my page the next thing I needed was to get more traffic to my website. I didn’t want to have all this information and knowledge with no one viewing it. What would be the point in that? I started to become somewhat of a researcher. I considered ways in which I could get my blogs noticed. What I came across was mostly people saying to get on social media, to engage with the people most likely to read my content. Well that made sense.

After starting my twitter page and following the relevant people, I started to get quite a good response and my website started to get the traffic I was looking for. It wasn’t long before a few sex toy companies contacted me to tell me they enjoyed my blogs. I then got my first gig. After that the offers kept coming in and soon I was so busy it was taking up my day.

I had to write up articles on sexual experiences and advice. The website needed to draw in the right traffic. The viewers who would be interested in my content. What company wants you to write them a review if they know it won’t be seen by their potential customers? Between writing up these articles I would be either testing toys, reviewing them or managing my social media.

As a sex blogger you always need to come up with new and original content. You need social media management skills. You will have to work alongside companies. Some of these companies will ask you for a breakdown of your Data analytics. They will want a copy of your website and social media stats. To be professional you will need to know how to provide this for when its required.

Then once you really get going you may want to think about getting your own domain name. Obviously, this is for the sex bloggers who are serious about what they do. You could skip this and just stick to your own free website or blog. I decided I wanted to take this next step. Your blog will get more traffic if it has its own domain.

Once your website has a shiny new domain name you will want to get it to show up in search engines. Well I am assuming you will. You will want to start playing around with google console for this one, likewise with Bing too. Once set up, checking back from time to time will be the only thing required. To do this you will need some basic HTML and URL coding knowledge.

Then there is advertising. To really make any sort of money from this especially if you are hoping it will become your new full-time job, advertising is going to be on your to do list. You want to affiliate with companies who offer commission for putting their banners/advertisements on your site. Again, you are going to have to work with these companies so good management skills would be a bonus. You are also going to need basic HTML skills for this as well.

Another thing to mention is time management. A lot of what I do is based on great time management skills. I must juggle a lot of things in one day. I am often left thinking there is not enough hours in the day. From the moment I get up there are parcels to be signed for, emails needing replied too, social media followers needing content and articles to write. Then not forgetting toys to be tested. I need to have lists of who I am working with and what they have sent me for review. I must make sure I get around to them in order.

Each product must be tested a few times to make sure I am going to be giving the most honest well-informed review. I need to relate to my readers. I would never want to give a great review of a product just because a company has asked me to review their toys. All that would do is make my readers distrust me.

It is also a good thing to know your way around a camera. You will find that taking your own product photos will enhance your reviews. It’s always a good thing for your readers to see the product they might buy in a different more realistic image.

So being a sex toy tester is not just about receiving free toys its much bigger than that. A lot more dynamic. I never ventured into this thinking of the free toys, I came into this hoping and believing my reviews made a difference. after all sex toys can be very pricey and nowadays some are more of an investment. I wanted to make sure people didn’t get carried away with the hype surrounding a toy. That they had a real perspective on how the product could benefit them if at all.

If you are serious about being a sex toy tester it’s better for you to have a clear understanding of what is involved. Do a little research, speak to other testers. Get practicing writing up blogs. You can never have too much content when you decide to go live. Most importantly remember this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes constancy and commitment. Make sure you have the time, as you will get out what you put in.

It may seem a brilliant job and I’m not denying that. I love what I do and wouldn’t change it, but its way more work than it seems on the surface. It’s not all free toys, orgasms and sexiness. There will be times when work is stacking up and all you seem to do is sit in front of a screen.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have about sex toy testing and allows you to decide if sex toy testing is right for you.

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I am not an expert, always seek professional help where applicable. The opinions on this post are my own, this post has been written from my personal experience or knowledge. I do not take any responsibility if my advice or the products I recommend don’t work for you. Everyone is different therefore it is impossible for me to know if the product or advice I give will suit your needs. These are just my personal experiences and accounts, and are intended to be used only as a reference.


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