Kegal Balls from Lurepink

Kegal Balls Silicone

I received these kegal balls from Lurepink, free in exchange for this review. They have not influenced my opinion and as always my review is honest and unbiased.

I will start with Lurepinks’s product description.

Product Description

Have you ever seen the kegel balls of 15 different weight combinations? Here the Lurepink is! Come with 5 interchangeable balls and 2 holders, no other brand offers like this, look no further! PREMIUM SAFE SILICONE, waterproof, hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate free. A SET of 5 BALLS for all levels including beginners and experts, for any further improvement

  • 1.4” diameter each ball.
  • 5 kegel balls/set, 1.24oz(35g), 1.41oz(40g), 2.12oz(60g), 2.47oz(70g) and 2.82oz(80g).
  • Engraved weight on each ball.
  • Total 15 different weight combinations: 35g, 40g, 60g, 70g, 75g, 80g, 95g, 100g, 105g, 110g, 115g, 120g, 130g, 140g and 150g, for all levels.
  • 1 SET FOR ALL LEVELS before or after childbirth, during pregnancy.
  • Remove-able from the holder and change out.
  • Soft and stretchy removal cord.
  • For all of beginners, intermediate and expert users.
  • Improve bladder control.
  • Strong pelvic floor muscles, stop leaks.
  • Get stronger and tighter, prevent prolapse.

First Impressions

The packaging for these kegal balls is simple yet very effective in making the product feel luxurious. Inside the box is 2x sleeves for you kegal balls as well as the different weighted balls and a drawstring pouch, to house your kegal balls when stored.

About the Kegal Balls and Sleeves

This set comes with 5 different weighted balls, the weights of these are as follows,

(35g),(40g),(60g),(70g) (80g).This is great for beginners as you can start out light with the 35g ball and work your way up to the heavier 80g. It’s also fantastic for someone like me that has very good kegel muscles as you can combine the balls to a total of 160g, these ones have a really good weight and i find this to be the best combination for myself.

The balls themselves have a lovely smooth texture and seem to be made from very high quality materials.

The sleeves are for inserting the balls, each ball fits easily and snugly into each sleeve allowing you to have a max weight of 180g. The material of these are very soft and flexible and each one comes with a silicone pull cord for easy removal. Again i felt these sleeves were made from really good quality materials.

Using the Kegal Balls

I found the kegal balls really easy to use. The balls fit in the sleeves very well and feel very snug once inside. With a little lube the balls are very easy to insert.

I found that the Kegal balls are also very easy to remove.

What i like most about these balls is that they come in different weights. I have had so many kegal balls in the past, and have always been disappointed to find that their weight was just not enough to really have any effect on my kegals. These balls are great for beginners as you can work your way up the sizes. But equally i feel like for someone like myself who uses kegal balls regularly, they really do help keep your kegals nice and tight.

I really love using these kegal balls and think the ease of use and the variety of weights make these the best ones i have ever had. I really wont go past them in the future.


Really good quality materials,

Easy to insert and remove.

very versatile with lots of different weight combinations.

Easy to clean and store.

You can buy these kegal balls from Lurepink for $49.00 which in my opinion is great value for money as i would happily pay double this for the results i have had after only using for one week. No other kegal balls have been able to improve what i already had but i feel that these ones genuinely have.

If you would like to purchase these you can do so HERE.

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