Leatherette Vixen Full Body Harness Review



Leatherette vixen Full body harness

I was delighted when Honour got in touch about reviewing one of their products. I am huge fan of theirs. They asked me if i could review the leatherette vixen full body harness free of charge in exchange for this review. As always Honour have in no way influenced me and all my reviews are honest and unbiased.

I will start with Honour’s product description.

Product Description 

Show him who’s boss in this sexy Leatherette Vixen Full Body Harness. Made from leatherette strapping, the back is fully adjustable with buckles for a perfect fit.



First Impressions

The full body harness arrived in discreet simple packaging. Made from a leather look material which to me seems of great quality and very durable. It has very nice chunky buckles and is a one size fits all (10-16 uk).

I love the overall look and quality of the product and was impressed at all the details.


Getting Dressed Up

I have to say getting this harness on was a lot harder than i had given thought to, Its not going to be something you could do by yourself. Well maybe if you have a lot of time and patience, both of which i don’t.

It took ages to get it in position and keep it there long enough for KD to buckle me in. Not that he was complaining as he loves nothing more than helping me get dressed up, well actually no there is something, getting me undressed hehe.

After a while we finally had me all buckled up and ready to go. KD said that the straps and buckles themselves are easy to adjust once it’s on and in the right position.

With the buckles being metal they were very cold to the touch, instantly creating a sensation that i like. Nothing like a few Goosebumps to add to the look. What i would say is that i am not exactly sure about the sizing. I am a size 8-10 and found some of the straps to be either too loose or too tight. I have a large breast size as i am a 34G but once you get them through the breast holes, breast size is not an issue. I am also very short at only 5’2 and felt anyone with a longer torso may have issues getting the straps to reach the buckles. However without having a taller person to check this on i couldnt say for sure.



The really cool thing about being asked to test this product was the fact that i would get to do a sexy photo shoot to go along with it. I knew this would make KD very happy. He loves when i get dressed up and was especially happy that i was reviewing a BDSM outfit.

So now onto the fun bit, We really love the design of the harness, It made me feel very sexy but at the same time just the right amount of exposed.

This harness is croachless for easy access but i will be honest, KD thought the straps got in the way a little during play, so a little while into a steamy session he undone the lower buckles. This step was actually super easy and there was no awkward fumbles or distractions. A few quick slides of his hand and the lower straps where easily removed.




The harness was a great addition to our kinky BDSM session and we had a lot of fun with it. Adding a few other BDSM accessories really helped with the overall look. So dont forget to check out Honours full BDSM range

One things for sure it definitely ticked all our kinky boxes. It got KD and me super horny and he thought i looked really hot which in turn made me feel really confident and sexy.



All that was left to do now was get snapping some photos to show off the harness in its full glory.

I decided to take a picture from the back as we couldnt find one anywhere when trying to work out how it all goes together.


Over All

I really love the leatherette vixen full body harness and was super happy at the quality and design. I am a little unsure if the one size would fit all but without others to check it on, i cant really say.

The harness served its purpose really well, so i am sure i will be dressing up for KD in this a lot more often, it even fits in well with our BDSM collection. Bonus.

Putting the harness on can be a bit confusing and time consuming but once you have it all adjusted its really comfortable, and can be removed in a way that you just need to step into it and pull it on the next time you want to wear it

The leatherette vixen full body harness is available from Honour.co.uk for £26.99 which we think is amazing value for such a well made good quality product.

Thank you for reading




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