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I got the LELO SIRI 2 a clitoral vibrator to review and I thought it was groovy. It’s one of those toys that is very versatile, and we think it’s great.

As always, I will start with the product description.

Product Description

SIRI™ 2 offers LELO’s strongest vibrations ever for a handheld massager, with 8 settings inspired by music or the option to pulse along to any beat you choose.


First Impressions

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There is a sexy, sensual ritual to opening a LELO box: it’s a celebration of pleasure, the ultimate expression of indulgence and excitement.

Well that’s what LELO has to say about its packaging. I must agree, opening a LELO product for me is like opening some indulgent gift. The Siri 2 comes with all the usual bits and pieces, nice little pouch for you to store your toy, USB charger and instructions. As always, I was very happy to receive and unwrap my little LELO gem of a product. The product like all other LELO products is made to a very high quality and it’s a very attractive stylish sex toy.




The LELO SIRI 2 is easy to operate, it has 4 buttons a + and and two arrow buttons.

Press the + button to turn on the unit. Hold the + Button down to increases the vibration.

Hold down the button to decrease vibration and turn unit off.

The SIRI 2 has 2 more buttons they are up and down arrows. When you press the up arrow, the SIRI 2 cycles through its 8 pleasure settings. The great thing about this unit is that when you press the down arrow it takes you back to the last setting.

The reason why I think this is an awesome function is because most pleasure products don’t have this setting. For me I hate when I am cycling through the settings and go past my favourite, usually this would mean having to go through the whole cycle again before I would get back to where I needed to be. Very frustrating.

So, the fact that the SIRI 2 can go backwards makes it a smart vibrator that saves me a headache.

Another nifty little function to this hand-held vibrator is the fact that its groovy, I don’t mean in its design here I mean it can get its groove on. Yes, that’s right the SIRI 2 can dance. I mean I am in love here. If you don’t know much about me then the one thing you should know is that I love to dance.

So, the little SIRI 2’s dancing skills had me mesmerised. hehe I’m not kidding either. So, to activate this setting you will want to switch the unit on then press and hold the + & – together for 3 seconds. This activates the voice/music detection function. Yes, it also has a voice detection, so your man can literally get you off by talking dirty to you, nifty, right?


I found the SIRI 2 very easy to operate with 8 great pleasure settings. It’s actually a very quiet product which is a great bonus, I think you could easily use this in public especially when on the lower settings. Its only once the product is on full power that it gets more audible.


So, I was really impressed by the SIRI 2 and so was KD it’s the first little vibrator we have had that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Most hand held vibrators you find don’t really work all the well in couples play but are great when using solo. Either being too bulky and getting in the way or the buttons being positioned more suited to solo play.

KD can hold the product pressed against my clit whilst pleasuring me elsewhere and it works a treat. He found it easy to operate and said he found it fitted perfectly in the palm of his hand. He found that as it has a larger surface area he didn’t have to keep repositioning it to get it right. We both find this to be a huge bonus with this toy. There is no slipping about or constant stopping and starting to change up the settings.

I am going to go all out here and say that it’s the best couples pleasure product we have ever tried or owned. Yeah, I really did just go there.

It has good strong vibrations which worked for me and I even found that keeping it on a lower setting meant I could come time and time again. Whoop!

Getting back to the voice activated function, we found this a lot of fun but more of a novelty than for pleasure. For me I like something a little more constant than voice or music activation can provide. However, I really do think this is a great feature that makes the product even more fun to own. I have never had the patience yet to allow myself to climax to KD’s voice, but I do think that could be kinky.


The SIRI 2 is also fully waterproof, so you can take your little palm pal along with you for sensual bath play. Have pleasurable alone time or sit between your partners legs and allow them the hold the product, whilst whispering seductively into your ear. Highly recommended.



Over All

We both loved this little toy, it’s going to be one of those toys we use a lot, it’s great for solo play and for couples play, being very versatile it can be used in most sex positions and for underwater play be it in a pool, bath shower, wherever you find yourself I am sure the SIRI 2 will bring you pleasure.

Easy to clean, quick to charge, elegant, portable, powerful, quiet and versatile. What more could you ask for in clitoral vibrator?

If you would like to purchase this product for yourself you can get it now at lelo.com for £129.00 available in 3 colours Pink, Purple or Black. Go on treat yourself to a little indulgence.

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