Sona Cruise Vs Pro 2

I am now in the fortunate position where i can write a comparison on these two very sought after sex toys.

I actually tried the Satisfyer Pro 2 first and loved it, Its my little tapping cumpanion and one toy that has remained one of my favourites of 2017. You can read my full review HERE.

After trying the Satisfyer i was delighted to find that this type of toy rocked my world so was happy to try other variations and i didn’t need to wait long. As shortly after writing up my review for the satisfyer, LELO asked me if i would give the LELO Sona Cruise a try.

When the Sona arrived i was keen to get going and give this little toy a run for its money. LELO toys always come with a big price tag so i expect them to rival any similar product on the market. After All why pay a premium price for something if it’s not the best?

You can find my full Sona Cruise review HERE.

The two products actually work in a different way. The PRO 2 uses more of a tapping sensation whereas the SONA CRUISE uses sonar technology which produces a sensation more like puffs of air.


Here is my handy comparison chart

sona satis chart



Okay so i will confess, i was really worried about getting this product to review. I have what i like to call a picky clit. The stimulation needed to make my little fella happy would normally be a very strong vibration or circular motion.

I have a spot on my clit that’s hyper sensitive and at no time can it be touched. No, im being serious here, even just a little brush over that area and i can go from super turned on to turned off in an instant. However seen as god only gave me one clit, i’m stuck with it and just have to find toys that work for me.

So i was delighted when the PRO 2 worked perfectly for me. It has a rather large opening which sat around my clit perfectly without ever touching this sensitive zone. It felt like a little tapping sensation and soon i was in ecstasy coming again and again. Its by far one of the best toys i have used in 2017.


Clitoral stimulator nozzle close up

It took me a few goes with the Sona before i really got the hang of it. LELO claims that it can be used touchfree, meaning that it doesnt need to be in direct contact with the clitoris to actually create an orgasm.

Ultimately this would mean that you can have multiple orgasms as the clitoris itself wouldnt suffer from the usual sensitivities after climax. This feature really intrigued me and i was adamant i was going to keep practicing with this toy until i was able to achieve this for myself.

The Sona is super strong maybe too strong for some. When i say strong i mean strong even on its lowest setting.

The first time i used the Sona Cruise i succumbed to habit and pressed it against my clit, it was a very strange feeling, not bad just very different. When pressed against my clit it actually felt like it was vibrating even though i knew this was not happening due to its sonar technology. However i think after you get up to full speed the motor starts to vibrate, and this was maybe what was going on.

I was able to have an orgasm but unfortunately using the Sona Cruise in this way meant my clit was sensitive afterwards so i was unable to achieve multiples.

This is why i wanted to practice and get the hover down. Its actually a bit of a skill to get the Sona Cruise positioned just right. and every time i moved even a little i would lose the sweet spot and would have to reposition again.

images (1)

The Sona Cruise uses a technology which penetrates deep down into the internal clitoris, stimulating the whole thing and not just the part of the clitoris that is visible externally. Meaning you can have much more powerful orgasms than ever before.

The cruise control feature is rather impressive and unlike other sex toys that lose speed once pressed against the body, this toy actually has a built in feature that kicks in to make sure you never have loss of power again. Nifty right? even if it does give you a little fright when this kicks in automatically.

After a lot of practice, i did manage to get it to work for me and was finally able to achieve multiple orgasms. YAY! and oh boy where they good. They where unlike any i have felt before, deeper and longer. Leaving me completely speechless. which by the way is not all that easy. hehe. I wrote a guide to using the Sona Cruise which you can find HERE

So which one is best?

Its actually really hard to choose, i had to look at the pros and cons. For me the Satisfyer pro 2 was easier to use however the orgasms creeped up on me and where gone all to soon. The controls are easy to use and it has 11 settings to choose from which means you have a lot of options to try out.

The Sona is harder to operate and i do feel this reduces the pleasure that this toy has to offer. I spent more time trying to make this toy work for me than i had pleasure which was a real shame. However after a few weeks of use and getting the technique down, the orgasms this toy creates where well worth all the hassle.

So thats why its so hard to choose, but given the Sona’s hard to perfect technology and serious power it had to lose a few points on pleasure and therefore overall i would say the Satisfyer pro 2 comes out on top, well for me anyway.

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