Let's talk about sex baby!


Approaching the subject of approaching the subject.

Hey everyone today I will be discussing talking to your partner about your needs and fantasies. How to open up sex conversations, and have a better sex Life.

So say you want to carry out one of your fantasies, and have been wondering just how you pop into convo that you would really like to see what it was like to be fucked with a high heel shoe 👠, or don’t know how to tell her you want more role play. How exactly do you go about approaching the subject. Well this is the million dollar question, however I will do my best to answer this for you.

So we all know it’s not going to be as easy as sitting opposite your OH at the dining table  and asking “honey can we try asphyxiation tonight” well maybe it is for some and If so well done you guys 🤙 way to go for not giving a fuck, I like it 😉

If you are not some confident sex god/goddess communicator then here is what I recommend. There are lots of apps out there that can help get over this little hurdle I recommend the following app.


This app helps you open up to you loved one about sex, fantasies and desires.

You download the app on android or apple, then set up a profile. After initial setup you will add your partner and then the fun begins. You each get a daily deck of card, each with a sexy suggestion, they are marked NO! MAYBE! And YES. If you mark a card yes and he does not this will not show up on either of your feeds. If one or both of you marks a card maybe, it will show up on your feeds marked as a maybe. And if you both mark the card as yes then it goes to the top of the pile, at this point you can choose to wink at the cards suggestion, the app will start to give you a countdown, and the rules of the game mean you have to complete this task in an allotted amount of time and mark it as completed. There is also a cool feature on this app that allows you to make up your own kinky sex idea and add it to your OH pile the very next day. They will never know it was you that had written it. Meaning that if the don’t like the idea and say no you won’t have felt bad about asking them out right, and you avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. However if they mark it as a maybe or a yes, (you get to play out one of your fantasies) seems worth the risk to me.
This app is perfect as a conversation starter and helps aid sexual communication barriers. If you find yourself in a situation of wanting to try something with your partner but just not sure how to go about talking about it,  There are lots of sites out there all claiming to help couples open up there sex communication, have a look around for apps like the one above, and start enjoying getting   your needs met and fantasies played out.

I hope this post helps you open up more with you partner and sex talk becomes the new norm in your relationship.

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