Liquid Orgasam 101



How to have a Liquid Orgasm.


The purpose of this blog is to try and assist you in your quest for a liquid orgasm. By that i mean allowing you to squirt/gush. Im sure you have heard of girls achieving this?

Okay so first i will start by saying this is not URINE they are not wetting themselves, this is not to be confused with a golden shower. I must stress to all women this is not what he means when he asks if you can gush or squirt. Please lady’s don’t go about just peeing on people, well not unless they specifically ask for a golden shower. If thats the case then let it rip girls.

Okay i thought i best get that out they way, just to clear up any confusion. I get asked that all the time so it seemed relevant. There are a lot of articles out there on the subject, so if you want to know more about the science, im sure you could look it up. But im not a scientist and i’m not going to bore you with all the details, i am just going to share a few tips.

So me and my husband done this course on female ejaculation, we had seen it advertised somewhere and it intrigued us. So basically the course was a success and i was finally able to experience liquid orgasms for myself. So yes it is possible to learn. Even for someone with no experience at all.

So here is a breakdown of what you need to know, this won’t happen overnight and takes practice, so dont be too disappointed in yourself if it doesn’t happen right away. Like all good things you have to work at it.

Getting set up, make sure you have a lot of towels handy or one of these super cool sex sheets that are now available. Make a calming atmosphere, light candles,dim the lights. You want it to be a very relaxing environment. One of the key components in being able to liquid orgasm, is the ability to completely relax, to be able to relax your whole body and not tense up. Now would be a good time to pop to the toilet and empty your bladder.


Now that you have set the scene, you want to give yourself or have your lover give you a pussy massage. Use a really nice oil, I suggest an edible oil if you are doing this with a partner. Make sure you don’t rush, take your time, make sure you massage the whole area, long strokes are usually preferable.Do this for a while until you feel engorged.

Next you want to start on your G-Spot, again i wont go into science or biology lesson here, Your G spot will be just inside your pussy, it’s a few inches inside on the outer wall. When you push down, like when doing a pee, it will puff up under your fingers. Its a little squishy part. Everyone likes a different type of pressure on it. Some like it pushed really hard then swiping side to side. Others like me, like it pressed on and off. Play about on it till you get what feels good for you.


Now the important thing to remember here,  it may feel like you need to pee, don’t worry this is normal and i promise you wont. This is just the fluid building up. Its actually easier to squirt/gush if you have a clitoral orgasm first. So try to alternate between the two. Get close to an orgasm with your clit, stop then start on your G Spot.

You know how when you have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, you tense up, as soon as the feeling starts to build the more you tense. This is also completely normal. Its a very natural thing to do. Well with gushing and squirting you want to do the opposite. You want to push down, just like when you go to the bathroom. You will actually be able to feel your G spot getting bigger as you continue to press on it. and you will actually feel your pussy get tighter. The feeling of needing to pee will get more and more. When you finally feel like you really need to pee, bring yourself or partner to climax via the clit. When you get to the point of orgasm, try to resist from clenching, instead try to let it out. At the same time as you reach orgasm you want to release all pressure on the G Spot and remove your fingers, as they will get in the way. At this point, you may have just experienced your first liquid orgasm and if so congrats. However if you haven’t then dont worry it doesnt mean you cant.


It can take weeks or even months of practice to finally be able to do it. Dont let it get to you or frustrate you, this can actually prevent it from happening. You must always stay relaxed. My tip would be try this during solo maturbation. Find out what way you like your G spot to be rubbed. Everytime you reach a clitoral climax practice pushing down, not pulling your pussy inwards. Think of it as the opposite to holding a pee in. You will notice that when you climax, your instinct will be to pull it in tight and to tense. Once you learn to push down you will find your orgasm to last longer and will be overall more powerful. Just this little trick alone will really help you achieving the overall goal.

I hope this helps you find your way to liquid heaven, please drop me a line if you get some success from my direction, or even better go ahead share it with your friends.

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