Loving Joy Silicone Jiggle balls Review 

You can buy these here https://www.sextoys.co.uk/loving-joy-silicone-pleasure-balls.html

Product description

The perfect fusion of pleasure and pelvic floor exercise. These Silicone Pleasure Balls are silky smooth to the touch, and can be heated or cooled for added sensory play sensations. Complete with internal clay balls which rattle within to create teasing vibrations and a pull chord for safe retrieval, your toy box isn’t complete without them.

Exactly your toy box is not complete without them, I couldn’t agree with this description anymore. I do like it when the description matches up. Like the IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN THING. Nothing worse than getting something based on the description only to find out they would say anything to sell their product and it’s all lies. 😡😡.

Well I have some experience with jiggle balls, so I find it great when one comes up for review.  I am afraid the way in which I describe these may seem a little TMI so if you find that sort of thing offensive then you best leave now.                                             You can do so here ………..🚪

So there are many types of jiggle balls or kegel balls as some may call them. The come in all shapes and sizes and also colours and materials. So I have given a lot of them a test drive.

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I had problems with incontinence when I was a child which was treated with kegel exercises. I was taught to do these many times a day. Why is she telling us this? You ask. Well I’m getting to that. Well basically I have done them everyday since. My pussy is very tight and even having four children has not caused any problems with my elasticity.  I actually swear by these exercises and think that’s why I got back my pre pregnancy pussy almost immediately. From time to time though I do like to use jiggle balls to give my pussy a workout of its own. I don’t see it any different from exercising any other part of your body, it’s good to keep it in good shape too, 😛.

So other balls for me can be just too large and I don’t have any problems holding them in, going out to lunch with them inserted is easy for me and my pussy doesn’t get the workout it’s meant to. These balls are a great size,  small enough to get a good workout, just enough of a challenge when out in public to give you that rush.

They are made with a lovely soft easy clean silicone material and my opinion is to a high quality, they are very easy to insert and the pull cord helps with retrieval.

The little clay balls jiggle inside causing little vibrations which creates a very pleasurable experience. KD gets so turned on knowing I have got them in when out in public. By the time I get home I am usually very turned on and ready for whatever KD has in store for me 😃😃.

Overall great value for money, very well designed and made. I would imagine these would be better suited to someone who is experienced with jiggle balls. I wouldn’t recommend these for a beginner.

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