Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring Review


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We were very happy to receive this cock ring from adultshopit.co.uk to review. As always I will start with the product description.

Product description

This Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring is a must have for couples and for the price it’s the best toy we have seen for the money. It will send pleasant sensations and vibrations down the male shaft and stimulate the females clitoris at the same time. This little ring with it’s built in bullet will get the job done in no time, it’s powerful for it’s size and the one use motor is silent yet surprisingly strong. To wear this soft, stretchy, silicone cock ring simply place it on the base of your penis facing the motor upwards. You will feel your erection as the blood flow is restricted from the shaft. The Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring is controlled by one touch of a button giving some amazing sensations. More excitingly for the woman, when positioned properly the vibrating bullet will nuzzle against the clitoris, giving some amazing orgasms.

This little cock ring or love ring as Loving joy name it, arrives in a small foil wrapper which is fairly discrete. Me and KD actually had a good laugh at the fact it says on the packaging, Do not wear for longer than 30 minutes. I made a joke about how maybe your cock would fall off if you had it on longer than the stated time. 😂😂

I should mention that this is a ONE use only product, designed to be used then disposed of. Normally we wouldn’t buy the disposable cock rings but at only £3.99 its not going to break the bank. I would also add that this would fit into most men’s wallets. Just like a condom as it is of similar size, so great for on the go.

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Once out of the packaging you will find the cock ring to be made of really good quality materials. The product is super soft. It has a very small vibrating unit which is also surrounded by this soft material, there are small little bumps covering one side of the vibrating unit. ( i’m assuming this is to add more stimulation to the clitoris).

My thoughts on this cock ring: (Female)

In use the vibrations are actually surprisingly strong. I wasn’t expecting much from a one time use product but was pleasantly surprised. Hats off to the makers for being able to get such strong vibes into this very small unit. The unit itself is really easy to turn on. One small press and off it goes. Bbbbzzz.

Pleasure wise for me, i just couldn’t get it to position right for clitoral stimulation and therefore, this product lacked the ability to make me climax. I will say, that i could feel the vibrations running down KD’s shaft and this felt really nice.

Kinky_D’s thoughts (Male)

This product is made from really soft stretchy material, actually maybe a little ”too” stretchy, i didnt feel it on my shaft at all. Unlike other cock rings it didn’t feel restrictive which ultimately lead to not keeping my erection. Giving that this is the reason for a cock ring, i found this to be really disappointing. The vibrations are very strong for such a small motor, and its really easy to switch on and off.

I felt that the little nodules on the motor housing could have been a little larger, helping to tickle KC’s clit, which i think would have heightened the pleasure for her. Over all i think its a good little cock ring given that it is a one time only use product.

Our Summary:

Great little cock ring/love ring. Good value for money at only £3.99 from adultshopit.co.uk. Great size to take with you on the go. Didn’t hit the spot when it came to clitoral stimulation and failed at its job to keep KD erect. We feel that for someone wanting to try cock rings but who are not sure where to start. This cock ring could be the perfect introduction.

Thank you for reading.

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