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Lubes Lubes Lubes don’t we all love a Lube?

Well me and KD do like a good lube, we are always trying to find an amazing lube and especially one that is not sticky. You would be shocked by the amount of Lubes on the market that turn out to be sticky 😡😡😡

I hate a sticky lube, KD not so much if it is wet and slippy then it’s good for him 😂😂.  I just hate it when your in the throes of passion and have to deal with sticky hands 😤😖. So we all know there are oil based Lubes and water based. And you would think that one brand would be less sticky than the other, however in my experience this is not the case.

So I have decided to do a blog about some of the Lubes I have tried and my thoughts on them. I obviously can’t review every single one individually as this would just take so long. So I can let you know my favourites out of this world of lube.

So here we go our top of the lot

ID millennium

You can buy yours here

This a great lube and very worth the money, it’s really wet and stays that way, it doesn’t dry out like a lot of other Lubes on the market and out of all the Lubes I have tried it’s the least sticky of them all. This is a silicone lube and it does state that it may not be suitable to use with some silicone based toys so please check this before use. This lube is also great used in the shower as it won’t wash away and holds up really well. The good thing I find about this product is that you can get a small bottle or if you are really into lube it’s available in a much bigger bottle.

Lovehoney flavoured lube

You can buy them here

Available in 4 flavours this lube is very tasty 😋 it’s very wet but does dry out quickly which means it needs reapplied frequently ☹️. However as much as it dries out I do still feel this is one of the better ones. Especially as the flavour is really good.  It’s sticky 😡 which I have found to be especially a problem with the flavoured brands, so wasn’t shocked when this was the case. What I can also say is that it’s a really good sized bottle and very easy to dispense. Lovehoney actually have a deal on these Lubes whilst writing this at any 3 for £10 which is a bargain really.

Slide lube

You can buy this here

So the reason I am even mentioning this lube is really the price. It’s got to be one of the cheapest on the market. And given the price tag you would expect it to be really rubbish. I have found it to be a good lube for the price. It’s really really wet so be careful with this or it will get everywhere. It holds its own with some of the dearer Lubes on the market. It does stay wet for a decent amount of time but again it is genuinely sticky 😡. I’m my opinion with this lube you can forgive it all it’s flaws because with this price tag I think this is to be expected.

The JO Warming Lube


Wow this from my point of view was not warm but more like HOT!!!!! I felt like my pussy was on fire, hehe. After a minute or two this settled down and i was left with a warm sensation. I guess i don’t really like the warming and cooling lubes. For me they take away from the sensations on my clit which ultimately delays my climax. Putting this to one side, it’s a great little lube. Its not sticky like most other lubes, it held up well and stayed wet for our whole play session. Its got an amazing aroma which both me and KD really liked. Overall a great lube we would recommend. You can get this from DSOP

So that’s a few of our favourites I will be writing more reviews like this one going over the other brands but with so many out there it will take me a while. Hopefully this is a great start for anyone looking to save time trying to find a good one.

So enjoy your slippy wet play and hope you enjoyed my blog.

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