Male delay creams & sprays 

So I thought I would just write up a quick review on this, two of our favourite and recommended brands. KD has tried a fair few of these over the years and we feel we have found the best.

I think KD thinks that for me to enjoy sex we have to be at it for hours. 😜 my opinion however is not quite the same. But you know I have learned by now that it’s best to let him just try these things out. If it makes him feel better or whatever then that’s good with me. 😄👍

So these are our favs

Exs delay spray 

You can buy it now here

Here is the product description

Achieve that bedroom performance you’ve always strived for with EXS Endurance Delay Spray. 1-2 sprays gently numbs the end of your penis to reduce sensitivity and help boost endurance for a long-lasting night of passion and pleasure.

Okay so I can’t really fault this description as it does as it says. You have to play about with how many sprays you actually need as everyone is different. Some people have said they use up to 6 sprays whereas I have seen people say only 2 are needed.

From our experience with this product too much is not a good thing ☹️ poor KD found too much and the side effect was a numb cock which was no good to anyone 😂 there is no chance of an erection let alone what is it the say. Long night of passion. So please work your way up the sprays until you find what works for you. 😂😂😂

However once you get the dose right well it does exactly that is delays you. KD explained it as still having all the same sensations only he is able to have control over when he reaches climax. And for me well as much as longer didn’t seem a problem for me anyway, who doesn’t want a longer session? I mean eh duh 🙄

We don’t actually use it every time but from time to time when we are going for a full on play session. In our book this is a great product and worth every penny. Your 50mls will last a very long time so that’s always a bonus. 👌👍 it’s one of those little bottles that wouldn’t look out of place amongst your other hygiene products if you didn’t want to hide it away. And also a great little addition to our collection. Both myself and KD rate this very highly.  So go on give it a try for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

Just remember to wait until this stuff has dried in before you go down or him or you might well suffer a numb mouth 😜😂😂

Next up is another one of our favourites it really is an excellent product.

Doc Johnson Power+ delay cream. 

 You can buy your here  Again I will start will the product description.

We know what it’s like – sometimes you just get too excited and it’s hard to keep it all together! Give yourself a little relief with this mild numbing cream – just smear a tiny amount on the tip of your penis ten minutes prior to intercourse and it’ll give you the time you need to impress!

Well again can’t fault the description In anyway. It does what it says. The difference between the two would have to be that this one is way stronger. You need a lot less to get the job done. Again if you go to far with the amount your little guy is going to be as limp as an old banana skin 😮😬 so maybe be a little careful to begin with. Or you could just ignore this completely and go full out and see for yourself 😂😂. KD thinks this is a really great product, he said that if he had problems with premature ejaculation then this product would be his saving grace. So I am guessing that means that this product is bang on 😄.  Also this product is cheaper and you could have a spare £5 for something else, so can’t say that’s not a bonus.

So that’s it for our favourite delay creams and sprays hopefully this can help you save all the messing about trying to find a product that actually works. So you can get on with all those steamy long nights of passion. 😉😉😉 your welcome guys and gals.

Thanks for reading

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