Adult Massage oil reviews :

Well I’m not sure about you, but I really do like massage oils, it’s usually a great start to any play session and can really help you get in the mood. Personally I prefer if the oil is edible with a nice texture and flavour.

I wanted to review a few massage oils I have but there is just not enough to say about them to make it worth while doing a full blog. So what better way than to put them all together in the one thread. This way I can just add to the blog every time I’m given new one to review.

So here are a few massage oils and what me and kinky_D think about them.

Lovehoney oh! Collection 

Available in vanilla, cherry, & strawberry. Great tasting oils, love these really nice oil 👍 £5.99 for 30mls at

Tracey cox supersex massage oil

Again another fantastic product very well made. £9.99 from

Earthly body edible massage oil

These are available in cherry, watermelon, strawberry, vanilla and grape flavours. I have to say these smell amazing and the taste is good too especially the watermelon 🍉. £10.48 form and are available in a bigger size.

Kama sutra massage oil 

Another great product also available in different variations all with rather awesome names like soaring spirit. Good value for money also at £13.99 for 200mls get it now from

Check back here from time to time as I will be adding new oils from time to time as I get them to review

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