Maze H Harness

Maze H Harness Review

Bijoux Indiscrets have given me this Maze H Harness free of charge in exchange for my review of the item. Bijoux Indiscrets have in no way influenced my opinion and as always this review will be honest and unbiased.

I will start with Bijoux Indiscrets product description.

Product Description

This BDSM-inspired harness goes perfectly with your best outfits or lingerie sets, and is sure to intensify your bondage games.

Inspired by classic BDSM: all the sensuality and power of bondage in a single accessory. Goes perfectly with any look, lingerie or bare skin. Adds a bold touch to any outfit or lingerie set.

Neck: Min: 31cm – Max: 41, Neck: Min: 12.20 – Max: 16.14

Band Size: Min: 60cm- Max: 80 cm, Min: 23.63 in – 31.50 in

Extenders: 20 cm  7.87 in x2

First Impressions


Like all the Maze collection the packaging for the H Harness from Bijoux Indiscrets is really well polished giving the sense of luxury to its contents. Its like unwrapping a gift with the H Harness wrapped up in black paper and personalised Bijoux Indiscrets sticker. This is some quality wrapping right here.

There is no mistaken the fact that this H Harness like the other items in the Maze collection, are of really good quality.This Maze H Harness is 100% vegan with 0% materials from animal origin, the actual material used is polyurethane, made from recycled materials.

The straps are riveted together to create a really nice design and unlike leather this harness is a lot lighter in weight. I did however feel that unlike leather which can soften this material is a little more rigid and hard.

The back of the harness is where all the adjustments and attachments are so if you plan on getting dressed yourself you may find this a little hard to do. The H Harness does come with 2 x extenders for adjustment.


Okay so I am love with two products in particular from the Maze collection and this H Harness is one of them. I really can’t praise this harness enough, like come on how good does this thing look? It sits so nice on my body and i love the way in which it can be worn on top of my rompers without detracting from the over all style.

That’s the thing about the maze range and Bijoux Indiscrets clothing, it all seems suitable for wearing outside as well as in the bedroom and that gives them big brownie points from me.

As much as this harness comes with extenders, i have to say that i found it to be rather tight in areas. I am a size 8-10 and didn’t need to use the extenders but only just managed to get this to fasten. Like with all the maze products i now own, i feel that there should be a few extra manufactured holes. There is plenty of room on the straps that Bijoux Indiscrets could easily add a few extra to make it a little more adjustable as well as the extra extenders.

The neck straps in particular is where i struggled, being that i am into strength training my neck is slightly larger than you would expect so i always have issues with collars being a bit on the snug side compared to other areas. I would recommend that you take a look at the sizes( at top of the page under product description) and cross-reference them with your own. Bijoux Indiscrets are not a budget business, so you don’t want to fork out all that money just to have it not fit. I have been a size 18 in the past and i would never have been able to get this to fit if i was still that size. Another thing that i didn’t like as much was the fact that this harness as like with a lot of harnesses, fastens at the back, so if like me you want to get dressed up and be ready waiting for your master, that’s not going to be possible unless you have octopus arms, definitely teamwork required.


So that’s the bad points out the way onto the good stuff.

When wearing this harness i really did feel sassy, sexy and was really impressed at how much it shaped me and gave me more confidence. KD is a huge fan of this harness as well, and took great pleasure in attaching a leash and leading me.

I have actually worn this item out on a night out, and was very happy at all the compliments i got from it, especially about how it helped show off my curves and assets.

Over All

The H Harness from Bijoux Indiscrets is well made with good quality materials, making it strong and robust.

100% vegan friendly, with 0% materials from animal origins.

Has extenders but standard fittings only just fit me, who is a curvy 8-10 UK size.

Looks amazing on top of my rompers and lingerie, great for adding a little pizzazz to your day-to-day outfits.

Can have leash attached to it for leading or being lead.

Fasteners can be a little fiddly but are very secure.

You can buy the Maze H Harness from Bijoux Indiscrets for £60.00 which i would happily pay for such a beautiful piece, especially as KD loves it so much on me. Given the quality and the over all look i do feel this is good value for money, even more so the fact it is 100% vegan.

I am not an expert, always seek professional help where applicable. The opinions on this post are my own, this post has been written from my personal experience or knowledge. I do not take any responsibility if my advice or the products I recommend don’t work for you. Everyone is different therefore it is impossible for me to know if the product or advice I give will suit your needs. These are just my personal experiences and accounts, and are intended to be used only as a reference. Some of the products I test are made from porous (non- body safe materials). To check if a product is safe please see HERE



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