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Bijoux Indiscrets – Maze Tassel Choker Review

I was asked by Bijoux Indiscrets if i would review a few items from their maze collection and this tassel choker was one of the items i received. I was given the maze tassel choker free of charge in exchange for my honest unbiased review. Bijoux Indiscrets have not influenced my opinion.

i will start with Bijoux Indiscrets product description

Product Description

Enjoy all the sensations you’ve been dreaming of with this tassel necklace. It’s perfect for both party looks and the parties you host in your bedroom… Lose yourself along the paths of the Maze and discover a place where both of your worlds meet; let the world you show and the world you hide come together as one. Do you dare to enter?

100% vegan, 0% materials from animal origin.

Min: 27 cm – Max: 41 cm

Min: 10.63 in – Max: 16.14 in

First Impressions

When the products arrived from Bijoux Indiscrets i was amazed and in love with their packaging, it really gives you a feeling for how up market bijoux indiscrets is.

The boxes resemble some of my very expensive lingerie ones, so i really felt like i was opening a gift for my birthday or something. The packaging alone ,made me excited to see what was inside.


I was really interested in how this choker was going to feel, knowing that it was 100% vegan. I wondered if it would have lost the leather feel. The choker feels a lot harder and is a lot lighter than other leather chokers that i own, but it didn’t detract from anything for us.

The choker is actually really well made, and the quality seems high,

My one criticism would be that the buttons on the back are a little tricky to fasten, i have quite a large neck as i do strength training, and i felt that there could have been a few extra manufactured holes for adjustment. Other than that, my first impressions of the choker where very positive.


I absolutely love the way this tassel choker fits between my breasts and im pretty sure that KD did too, given his smug grin and sex glare. I guess there is something about seeing me in a choker/collar he can’t resist.

He could pull on the tassels to pull me closer which i really liked. Most collars we own have a leash, so it was nice that this was a little different, and it felt a lot more stylish to me.

KD felt that he would have liked if the tassels had a clip attachment, that way he could change it up, after he said it i realised that would actually make this choker very special. If you could take the tassels off, i would happily wear this outside day-to-day. It would also be great if you could change the colour of the tassels to match what you might be wearing in the bedroom if anything at all.

It does state on Bijoux Indiscrets website that this choker is a two in one and can also be used as a whip, however i would have said that at best it could be used as a flogger, but to be honest i would never use it like that. I just don’t think it really cuts the mustard as far as floggers are concerned, especially as it is so light.


Over All

First off i can imagine that being 100% vegan friendly and with 0% materials from animal origin, that this choker will appeal to many, i really love this fact about the choker and bijoux indiscrets maze collection in general.

It’s made from good quality materials and seems strong and robust.

beautifully crafted with really lavish packaging.

Made a really good accessory for my me and my husband during our dom/sub play.

You can buy yours at Bijoux Indiscrets for £30.00 which is a good price considering all this chokers positives.

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