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You can purchase this here https://www.sextoys.co.uk/ours-weekend-kit.html

Product description

When you want to spend some precious, quality time together, the Weekend Kit offers all that you need and more!

Lickable, cinnamon flavoured oral arousal gel for increased sensitivity Set of 3 foreplay dice for a wild night of fun Waterproof, remote control Bullet with easy retrieval cord. Power Required 2 N Batteries – included

So this is a cute little adult game as it says in the description you get a few things to help you on your way. There are 3 dice all with different words like nipple, kiss and others. It contains a bullet but it is not the best quality. I don’t think it’s really that powerful which lets it down a lot. Also it’s corded. Now I don’t actually like corded toys (bad enough playing with your phone on charge, never mind an adult toy). So don’t think your going to have your socks blown off with this especially with this bullet. Then lastly there is the oral arousal gel, which i think is actually the best thing in the box. It’s a rather fun product and tastes great too. I have actually written about this gel in one of my other blogs, if you want to check it out then you can do this here Female arousal gels.  – The Oooh Review!!! https://kinkyreviews.wordpress.com/2017/09/05/female-arousal-gels/

Overall this is not a bad product and can be fun to play, however this is not in my opinion worth the money. There are a lot better games out there ☹️ sorry but it is true. I will have to make a point of reviewing other adult games as I have tried a few that I thought where really good and well worth spending your money on. I will put a link to these here when I get around to it.

Both me and KD where very disappointed with this and really glad we didn’t actually buy the product.

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