Paris Nubby Clitoral Teaser

Paris Nubby Clitoral Teaser Review


I am writing this review of the Paris Nubby for PinkBOB, they have given me this product free in exchange for my review, they have not influenced my opinion in any way and as always this review will be honest and unbiased.

I will start with PinkBOB’s product description

Product Description

  • 7 Functions
  • Unique Texture
  • Flexible Head

Designed just for women’s pleasure, this playful vibrator has a nubby texture that will massage your clit until you climax! The flexible neck lets you explore your body in any position. Feeling daring? Use this curved vibe as a g-spot simulator!

Total Length: 6.25″
Diameter: 1.2″
Insertable Length: 3″
Batteries: 2 AA (Not Included)
Material: Silicone, ABS (Plastic)
Firmness: Medium
Flexibility: Medium
Noise Level: Quiet-Normal

First Impressions

I was actually really looking forward to the Paris Nubby arriving as it had me intrigued given its unusual head. The Paris Nubby arrived in a basic cardboard packaging, and i was keen to get it out and take a look.

The product feels fairly light and is vibrant in colour. The lower half of the toy where it is operated, is made of a solid ABS plastic with the top half being slightly softer silicone allowing for internal use.

The product itself uses batteries (2XAAA) and these do not come supplied.

The Paris Nubby has an unusual head with soft little nodules covering it, and fits in your hand nicely.

I wouldn’t say the Paris Nubby is the best of quality and does seem to lack in any luxury, however i don’t think it’s that badly made, that it won’t last a while with proper care.



The Paris Nubby only has two operating buttons which makes it really easy to use. It has 7 functions to choose from which makes it a lot more versatile than some other toys on the market.

To switch on the Paris Nubby you want to first insert the batteries then press the power icon button, the toy then switches on to its lowest constant vibration setting, pressing the power button again will switch the Paris Nubby off.

To change between the settings, you press the other button marked with a little heart, this switches the toy between its 7 settings. The only downside to this toys functions as far as i can tell, is that there is no option to increase the speed or intensity of each of the settings.

As soon as the toy springs to life the little soft nodules on the head can actually be seen moving along to the vibrations, i found this really useful when picking a setting i thought i would like.


This is where the Paris Nubby from PinkBOB really comes into its own, forget about the basic packaging and slightly underwhelming design This product performs and it performs well. I was extremely impressed with just how much power this little product has given that its battery operated. Most battery-operated toys just don’t have enough oomph for me but the Paris Nubby goes against the grain here.

The little soft silicone nodules caress like nothing i have experienced before and i really loved how it could be used pressed firmly against my clitoris or gently just hovering above it, either way it had me right where it was supposed to.

Not only does the Paris Nubby have a great design in its nodules but it’s also great for internal use too. It wasn’t the most comfortable toy to insert but once in there the little nodules set to work, the sensation unlike anything i have come across before. For me it felt like the little nodules where tickling me, which i really enjoyed, especially when positioned correctly for my own preference.

I also really liked the fact that it has a very flexible head, meaning that it was great when used to stimulate my clitoris during doggy position, this being a big selling point for us.

KD was also impressed with the Paris Nubby, the design of the head again being something that had him intrigued, and the fact that this toy could be used internally meant he had a lot more options to keep him  entertained.

I had so much fun using this toy during solo play too but would have liked if it had been waterproof for my bath time fun, however this toy was so good i could forgive it for that.

Over All

The Paris Nubby is small yet versatile, great for stimulating your sensitive areas. Would have preferred if it was rechargeable as I’m not a huge fan of buying new batteries every few weeks.

The toy is small and light enough to fit nicely in your hand. It has a really great flexible head which allows it to be used during intercourse to stimulate nipples, clitoris or other sensitive areas.

Not waterproof which is a little disappointing but is good enough in other areas that this can be forgiven.

Good for internal use as well as external areas, however i felt that the external use was a lot more pleasurable.

This toy would be great for couples as well as solo play.

You can buy the Paris Nubby from PinkBOB for $39.95 which seems a fair price given how much pleasure this toy gave both me and KD.

This is definitely a toy which i will be playing with a LOT!!

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