Ro-Rosa 10 Function Waterproof Vibe

Ro Rosa Vibe Review

I was asked by TooTimid if i would try their Ro Rosa Vibe free of charge in exchange for my review. TooTimid have not influenced my opinion in any way and as always, this review will be honest and unbiased.

I will start with TooTimid’s product description.

Product Description

Luxuriously streamlined and perfectly shaped, why not stroke yourself sexy with this powerful, indulgent 10 speed lover!. From slow burn to sensual fire starter RO-Rosa is designed to massage, target and tantalize the most intimate of your passion sweet spots so you and your partner can explore and excite each other over and over again.
The unique shape of this sleek, firm vibe allows you to pinpoint your pleasure zones for intense sensations that will drive you wild! Take the Ro-Rosa in the bath or shower since this waterproof vibe is entirely submersible!  It’s time to indulge yourself and enjoy your very own piece of sensual erotic heaven!

  • Ten exciting vibrating functions!
  • 100% waterproof design is perfect for the bath!
  • Unique shapes offers targeted stimulation!
  • Intimate massager is perfect for discreet play!
  • Batteries included for out-of-the-box fun!

First Impressions

The Ro Rosa is presented in plain packaging with the toy displayed well.

This vibe is really lightweight and requires batteries which are included with the toy, it’s very lightweight and made from good quality smooth ABS plastic.

It’s a very attractive little vibe which is very sleek in its design, i especially loved the fact that it has a tapered end, (i am a huge fan of a tapered tip).

The Ro Rosa is very easy to hold and is shaped perfectly for me, the bulbous end fits nicely in my palm, with my index finger placed along the length of the toy. Both of these things allow for a great grip.


The Ro Rosa is a one button operated toy with an amazing 10 different settings, that’s a lot of variety for such a small battery operated vibe.

The Ro Rosa has a downside and that’s the fact you can’t change the speed or intensity of the toy, meaning you are restricted to whatever power the batteries want to throw out on its pre-set functions.

To operate the toy all you have to do is press the one button on its base, just one little press and the vibe will start-up onto its first pre-set function, if you continue to press this button the Ro Rosa cycles through all of the ten pre-set functions/settings. To power off the vibe just press and hold the button for a few seconds.

The Ro Rosa is super easy to use and get the hang of, meaning you can get straight to business as soon as you have taken the vibe out of the packet.



Okay so this little battery-powered vibe is one to be reckoned with. It has a lot of power for such a small toy and this really shocked me. It seems to me that battery operated toys are really starting to come into their own, and manufacturers have really made a lot of improvements in this area.

I mean the Ro Rosa is not that strong it’s going to blow your socks off, but it definitely hit the spot for me, the tapered end making it so much easier to pinpoint the exact area where you need the vibrations applied.

Its smooth exterior allowed for it to glide around engorging all the right places and making it really great for a little internal play too. If you are anything like me then this little vibe would be a great way to get you going during solo play. who needs lube when you have the Ro Rosa, hehe.

As you can see in the photo above the Ro Rosa is slightly curved which allows it to sit snugly over the pubic region when used to stimulate the clitoris, this made the product a lot easier to get into a position i liked and to hold it. I really like this feature on the toy. Not only that but it also made it a good shape for internal use too.

The Ro Rosa was more than able to make me orgasm, however at times i felt that it was a little too intense on my more sensitive spots, causing a stop start situation.

I did find the Ro Rosa to be pleasurable, but it was a little too buzzy for my taste. Also, during use i noticed that unlike most other vibe settings, the Ro Rosa starts off on a higher speed ((solid vibration) then decreases in speed as you continue to press the button. I didn’t really like this, as i felt starting out on a lower setting and building up is more desirable. The fact that it starts on a higher speed means you have to get the toy to a lower speed first and if you wish to increase later, you have to cycle through all settings before getting back to the solid vibrations at the higher speed, which is not ideal and can cause quite a disruption.

The Ro Rosa is 100% waterproof so it can be used in the bath (a feature i love to see on my sex toys). It was great for both solo and couples play and KD enjoyed playing around with it, in fact he seems to be getting it out a lot lately so i am guessing he likes using it a lot more than some of our other vibes.

Over All


The Ro Rosa is a great little vibe that is easy to hold and operate, its got a good amount of strength for a battery operated product and its very sleek and stylish in design.

Portable and quiet enough to take with you on holidays or outings.

Unusual function control sequence (fast before slow, with no way of going backwards) Does have 10 functions to choose from.

The Ro Rosa can be used in the water as its 100% waterproof.

Used 1 x AAA batteries which are included with the vibe.

You can buy the Ro Rosa from TooTimid for $35.95, i feel this is a good price for the product, however there are other small vibes at this price which are rechargeable.

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