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Review of the Satisfyer Pro 2


I really wanted to give the pro 2 a try. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the pro 2 and I was keen to see if it matched up to it. This is the first air pressure technology pleasure product I have tried, so I must confess to being a little sceptical. I have always had what I like to call a “Picky Clit” by this I mean my clitoris doesn’t always respond to new types of stimulation. So, this was going to be a very interesting.

As always, I will start with the product description, I purchased this product from Manoa and Me so I have taken this information from their website.


Product Description

The Satisfyer Pro 2 gives women what they want, the power to enjoy intense and multiple orgasms in the palm of their hand. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is an elegant stimulator that will thrill users with its unique air pressure technology. The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a silicone tip that is placed over the clitoris. When on, the stimulator creates intense vacuum pressure waves and tingling pulsations, right where she wants it. The Satisfyer Pro is not only USB rechargeable and whisper quiet, it also boasts a 100 waterproof surface. This enables users to take the toy with them in the bathtub or shower for a pleasurable session of self-indulgence. This special stimulator has contemporary silhouette with a rose gold colour scheme and offers 11 intense stimulation functions. To turn on the toy press the power button, and switch it off by holding the button down for 2 seconds. To change between the different functions, simply press the larger button. The Satisfyer is rechargeable, with a USB charger that connects to the toy magnetically.




First Impressions

First off, I would like to say the product arrived very quickly form Manoa and Me and was in discreet packaging. I have no complaints at all about this stage of the process. It comes in a little attractive box with instructions and charger. On first impressions the design of this product is very sleek. It fits perfectly in your hand and is in no way heavy or cumbersome. It’s a very attractive little toy and I was happy to leave this product out and not hidden in a drawer. It would easily pass as a facial product of sorts so this is always a bonus for me with having four children.



When the product arrives, it is advised to put it on charge for up to 8 hrs not the best if you want to get down to business straight away. I must say charging didn’t take long at all. The charger connects via magnets and seems to click in place and stay attached very well. There is a light that flashes to let you know you have connected it correctly, once it is fully charged this light stays static.



It has 3 buttons a power button and a plus and minus button. To switch the unit on you just hold the power button down for a second. Then by pressing the plus button the unit springs to life. It has 11 functions all together from mild to fuck me what’s happening. hehe. Well at least this is what I thought of the 11th setting. If you feel that the setting you have it on is just a bit too much pressing the minus button will bring it back down a notch which is a really great feature. Overall this product is extremely easy to operate and very easy to control. Its not silent but could be used discreetly on a lower setting.



I absolutely love the Satisfyer pro 2 and so did my “Picky Clit” which was a real surprise to me and very unexpected. The actual function of this product is hard to explain but I will do my best. The sensation is like tapping, if you take one of your fingers and tap the back of your hand very lightly it will give you an idea of what you can expect.

Once you get to about level 3/4 in comes more of a vibration not too dissimilar to that of a conventional vibrator. I think it’s just that as the tapping sensations get stronger and faster a vibration is created.

Me and KD always have a play about with the products we use first trying it on various parts of our anatomy trying to gauge the feelings and sensations. Plus, it’s great to have a good giggle and be a little less serious in the beginning. Well what a laugh we had doing this. KD turned the pro 2 up to its maximum setting of 11 and then gently placed it over my clitoris I nearly jumped a foot off the bed. Boy was that a wakeup call for my clit. KD was surprised by the reaction and thought he would place it on the head of his penis to see if it had the same effect on him. He didn’t feel it really had any impact and that’s when he made the biggest mistake……

He tried it on his balls, well did we not laugh our heads off, he said it was like he had been flicked in the balls 100 times rapidly. I was rolling about in tears laughing, serves him right for trying to go in all guns a blazing on my poor little clit, karmas a bitch. hehe. Men please don’t try this at home.



So, after our informal test it was time to get down to business. KD wanted to know if the claim that you can have multiple orgasms was true and let’s be fair he wasn’t going to get any objections from me. The product has a very soft silicone head which is placed on or hovering over the clitoris and this makes it very comfortable to use.

At first, I wasn’t sure, it was unlike any product I have tested and the sensations took a few minutes to adjust too. After my body had adjusted the feelings of pleasure started to build. I was happy on setting number three which is one of the lower settings. WOW this has never happened to me before. With all the other toys I have, the top setting has been required to get me to reach climax. Well not with the Satisfyer pro 2 It’s not.

The thing that really stood out for me was that the orgasms pro 2 produced would just sneak right up on me. (Oh, did I just give away that I had more than one orgasm there?) hehe.

It would feel like I was a few minutes away then Boom! I mean these orgasms really caught me off guard. hehe. On the second go I was sensitive but just dropping the speed back a notch allowed me to go again. After the sensitivity was gone I knocked it up to setting 5/6 and was able to achieve climax for a second time. I then repeated this step again, well you know I had to be sure that multiple orgasm’s where actually possible. All in the name of research. hehe.

So yes, multiple orgasms can be achieved with the pro 2 which is a major selling point for this product. Yes, I was sensitive after each one but the sensitivity was short lived and being able to decrease the settings really helped.



This product is also waterproof so can be taken into the bath for some soapy pleasure, I gave this a try too and seen no difference in sensations or loss of power when used in water. Yet another amazing feature of the pro 2.


Over All

I am seriously delighted I decided to give this product a try, now I can see what all the hype was about and rightly so. I know I will be raving about this product and recommending it very highly to anyone that will listen. Its lightweight, easy to hold/grip, Quick to charge, easy to clean and operate.

I can’t criticize this product, and if you know me I always have something to add about how a product could be made better. So, hats off to it for that. KD also loved that he could use this product on me both during foreplay and during penetration, its small enough that it doesn’t get in the way. The ability to also control the pressure you apply to the clitoris is great, you can just hover or press firmly depending on the type of pressure you prefer.

I could go on writing about this product all day but feel I have covered enough for you to get the idea. hehe. It costs £60 which in my opinion is an absolute bargain for a product that has no negatives. What’s even better is that if you use my unique code ME17 you can get 10% off  at Manoa and Me. The sooner you get it the sooner you will see what all the hype is about.

Thanks for reading



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    December 4, 2017 at 3:45pm

    […] I actually tried the Satisfyer Pro 2 first and loved it, Its my little tapping cumpanion and one toy that has remained one of my favourites of 2017. You can read my full review HERE. […]

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  2. Beverly Quinn

    April 27, 2018 at 1:17am

    I have just tried it the first time. I suppose I just need more practice or something. I have never had an orgasm, im 54. I find my clitoris always gets way to sensitive and I have to stop everything. It seemed like a new baby trying to latch onto mothers nipple. I couldnt get the right spot…lol…practice I suppose. Never thought about hovering, perhaps I should try that.

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    • Kinky C

      April 30, 2018 at 1:16pm

      Hey Beverly yes the satisfyer can be a little powerful to begin with, practice always helps, I find when I’m just too sensitive either hovering or positioning at the sides or just below or above the clitoris helps as well. Hope you manage to get it working for you 😊

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