Sex and Food? Getting fruity & veg 

What is it that makes sex and food so sexy? There are just those certain food that just scream sex.

We are a couple that mixes sex and food. I mean they really are two of life’s greatest pleasures so why wouldn’t we. There is nothing like KD walking in the door with whipped cream and strawberries 🍓.  Bow chuck a bow wow 😉😉😉 one things for sure things are going to get hot toooonifhtt!

Okay away from the naughty thoughts where was I? Oh yeah sex and food. The one thing that no one every seems to mention is the mess

Yeah it’s all good to start with but it doesn’t stay that way, the cream gets sticky and ends up everywhere, and don’t start on anything chocolate 🍫 I’ve had so many bad experiences with chocolate being stuck to my pubic region ☺️☹️☹️. This is not sexy. Please please lady’s just shave the lot off before this.

Then there is the fact that melted chocolate no matter how much you try, just won’t lick or suck clean. The more you try the more you spread it around 😂😂😂.  The same really goes for all liquid foods. So you always have to be prepared for that.

Anyone ever done the whole cream underwear? Did you not feel like a complete fool? No, well I did 😂😂 standing there hoping I look sensational, when really I just look like some sort of weird modern cave women. 😐😐.

Then there are those foods you just want to fuck. You know the cucumber, carrots 🥕 I don’t know anything cock shaped. For some reason over my years, I have noticed guys have a bit more of a thing about this than us lady’s. Bananas have become impossible to eat in my house without KD making some sort of cock related comment. Infact any sausage or ice lolly too 😂😂😂😂😂. See my point is made.
I have definitely had quite a few vegetables go explore the Kinky_C cave 😜 I am not exactly a fan of food fucks I won’t lie. However I am sure that I will forever bring food and sex together in the future. It may be messy but one things for sure, it’s going to be worth the clean up.

If you are looking to introduce food into your sex life and don’t know where to begin I do have a suggestion. Start by taking turns to blindfold each other. Prepare some small food samples, then feed your partner the foods. Make all the food things that your partner likes. This can be really kinky, the loss and gain of control. It’s a great way to start of a passionate session. Put the food to one side easily and not a lot of clean up.

So what is it that makes sex and food so sexy? Well why don’t you tell me, what makes sex and food sexy to you?

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