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So what is it, that makes someone wake up one day and decide to be a Sex Blogger?

Well if this is a question you find yourself asking, then you have come to the right place. Who better to answer that question than a Sex Blogger, and it looks like you’re in luck as today ladies and gentlemen. Kinky_C is in the house. If you haven’t already guessed, i myself am a Sex Blogger. I guess the best way to answer this question, is to just explain why it is i decided to try my hand at Sex Blogging.

So the idea actually did just come to me one day, it wasn’t like i had been thinking it over for a while or anything. Actually the very day i decided to Blog about adult content, was the same day i published my first Blog on the Oooh! review.

Okay so me and KD are a very happily married couple, okay lets not overegg the pudding here, we are a very well adjusted couple. Okay yeah thats better. After having been partnered up for 13 years, me and KD have had an up and down sex life. Times when he had gone off sex and times when i had. Being a mother of four children has made sex challenging at times, and at other times just too exhausting. I think any mother can relate to this and not just the married ones.

Since our children have grown up a lot,  we are no longer plagued by sleepless nights and needing to give constant attention to them, allowing us to concentrate more on our sexual and intimate relationship. We have always been a kinky couple and have dabbled in toys since our very first sexual encounter. In fact we would buy toys for each other for special occasions or just once every few months to add a little excitement. After trying the toys out, we would always review them on the company’s website, allowing others to gauge what the toy was like before they made the purchase themselves. So okay i wont lie, i’m a bit of a reviewer addict. I will not purchase a single product online without first checking out its credentials. Well a girl’s got to make sure she’s going to get what she pays for right?.

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So anyway, one day i was sat writing a review for and realised how much i actually loved it. I get a lot of pleasure from reviewing sex toy products, especially knowing that my product review, can help people make an informed decision as to whether or not the product is right for them. Adding to that, the fact i love writing short errotic stories, and sharing all my crazy sexual experiences with anyone who is liberal enough to listen, i figured maybe i had enough knowledge, experience and materials to start a blog.

I am not sure what way my blog will go in the future but i do hope onwards and upwards. I dont ever expect to make it my full time job but then thats not why i started it. I just hope my blog grows to a point, that no matter what product you are buying you can count on me to have written a honest unbiased blog about it.  I hope i am able to give my readers an insight into my life and to be relatable to them.

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So why do i sex blog? well because why not? hehe i love sex, sex toys, reviews and chatting about my sexual experiences, blogging is a platform for me to express all my thoughts and feelings and share with the world my enthusiasm. That sums it all up really.

Obviously there are a lot of sex bloggers on the internet, and maybe their reasons for starting out are different than mine. One thing i’m pretty sure of, is that the one thing we all have in common is our enthusiasm for all things sex related.

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