Sex Toys and Sensitivity


Do sex toys make you less sensitive?


I have often wondered if the use of sex toys can make a person less sensitive, for the purpose of this post i will be discussing my experience as a woman using sex toys. and the effect it has had on my body and sensitivity.

On one hand i feel that sex toys have made me desensitised, but on the other hand have enhanced my sexual pleasures, so this is going to be a tricky subject to discuss.

I think the difficulty here is that sex toys come in all manner of shapes and sizes and are designed for different purposes. To say all sex toys will make you less sensitive would be unfair. I have used a lot of internal vibrators in my life and have never had a problem with my sensitivity. However, i have experienced a lack of sensitivity when it comes to prolonged use of clitoral vibrators. I say prolonged as i feel this is also a factor.

My very first orgasm was at the hands of a clitoral toy and for a while it was the only way i could get off. It didn’t matter how hard i tried, using my hands just didn’t cut it. It was like my clitoris had adapted to a much more powerful form of stimulation. I never thought that it was my vibrator causing the issue and thought maybe i was born with a desensitised clit.


The strange thing was when i used gels or creams to combat this i went from one extreme to the next, from numb to over sensitive. It made no sense to me. My friends were telling me they could easily get off and achieve orgasms at their own hands, one even saying the suction from a hover was enough to have her in a puddle of her own sweat. So what was wrong with me? would i ever have a sensitive clit?

Eventually i got married and after a while i stopped using clitoral toys, my husband had the patience of a saint or steely determination whichever you want to call it. He wasn’t going to be defeated and would spend up to an hour manually stimulating my clitoris until i reached orgasm. I even got good at doing it this way myself.

Over the course of a year i noticed my little clit perking up, i was able to reach orgasm much quicker than ever before, sometimes within a few minutes depending on how turned on i was. So was this because i had stopped using clitoral toys?

Well this could be the case, but maybe it was just that i was more comfortable during sex or was getting turned on more. Eventually i started using clitoral toys again from time to time, solo and during sex. I didn’t really notice too much of a change in sensitivity and was still finding manual stimulation effective. Maybe using the toy over a prolonged period is what caused the issue for me.

So recently i decided that i would have to test this theory out, i admit to being a little scared. What if i was right? what if using this toy over a prolonged period of time would desensitize me? fuck that, i wasn’t keen on spending another year getting it back to where i was now, but in the name of science i took the plunge. Hell at least i was going to have a lot of fun experimenting.

For a whole month i only used clitoral toys to get me off, no manual stimulation was allowed. Let me tell you i had a lot of fun, but what did i find out?

The first time i tried manual stimulation it took forever, it was over an hour before i was able to achieve climax. At one point i was so frustrated i nearly finished the job with my toy. So for me this prolonged clitoral stimulation did affect my sensitivity. BOOO!

Luckily i was able to get back to my usual sensitive self within only a few weeks, which i was delighted at. This whole experience had been eye opening for me. I had proven that for me anyway, prolonged use of a clitoral vibrator did affect my sensitivity.

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I did the same kind of experiment with a dildo, i wondered if using this before i had sex with my husband might affect my internal sensitivity. I can conclude that this actually gave me more pleasure, i did not experience any decrease in sensitivity and if anything it actually increased it slightly. Obviously to my pussy a fuck was a fuck, the vibrations did not alter my internal feelings in anyway.  BONUS! At least that was something.

So back to clitoral stimulation, what’s the best way to use clitoral sex toys? well i wouldn’t suggest ever making this a prolonged solution. I think if you mix it up with manual stimulation there shouldn’t be any issues. I try to make sure i change up between manual and powered stimulation, and this seems to work for me really well. I am still able to achieve orgasm quickly through manual stimulation and enjoy the pleasure and ease from my trusty toys. I guess it’s like the saying “everything in moderation”

So, with all that being said, do sex toys make you less sensitive?

Well yes, some of them can, depending on each person of course, as everyone is different and also which toy you are using and for what period of time. I do believe that prolonged use without any other type of stimulation can lead to problems, however there is some good news, sensitivity can change over time.

If you are finding you have a lack of sensitivity and can say you have been using the same sort of stimulation over an extended period of time. Just put the toy down for a while. Explore yourself and start to learn what you like and how you like it. Get back in tune with your own body. I would be very hopeful that by doing this your sensitivity will return over time.


I am not an expert, always seek professional help where applicable. The opinions on this post are my own, this post has been written from my personal experience or knowledge. I do not take any responsibility if my advice or the products I recommend don’t work for you. Everyone is different therefore it is impossible for me to know if the product or advice I give will suit your needs. These are just my personal experiences and accounts, and are intended to be used only as a reference. Some of the products I test are made from porous (non- body safe materials). To check if a product is safe please see HERE

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