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So I couldn’t not review these sex toy bags, as there doesn’t seem to be any review on what these are actually like. Just a few reviews on sex toys website.  If you can’t find a review make one I say 😉 

I love love love these ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and cannot recommend them enough 😉😉🤙🤙

You can go to and get yours right Now for £24.95 and just trust my first few words that you won’t be disappointed, or if you still need some convincing then continue reading, I’m sure I will have you in a mad dash by the end of this review anyway 😂😉

These bags come in a few options couples, fetish, men and women. The swag bag is normally £50 but they have a sale on this product currently, so best time to get your hands on this little gem of a find. also offer a luxury swag bag which retails at £100 and is currently on sale for £50. (Please note that these are not always available and due to popularity they  do fly off the shelf). 

Here is the description direct from the site :-

The Secret Swag Bag is stashed full of a secret selection of sex toys and adult items for less than half price. For £24.95 you will receive a selection of items picked totally at random which could include some items where the packaging has been damaged in our warehouse. From vibrators, dildos, masturbators, butt plugs, fetish items and lubes. You don’t know what you’re gonna get but what you can count on is that it will be worth an RRP at least twice as much as you paid! WOW! You choose whether you want a Secret Swag Bag for women, men, couples, fetish, anal for him or her or our luxury bag for her and we will send you your Secret Swag Bag full of goodies. The Secret Swag Bag is an offer alright but please don’t buy this item unless you’re happy to accept ANY product that we send that relates to the category you have chosen. Unfortunately we cannot accept items back because you don’t like them. It’s a deal, it’s exciting and it’s only available whilst stocks last! ***Please note these Swag Bags are not gift wrapped.

I love the mystery of receiving my swag bags not knowing just exactly what me and kinky-D will be playing with next, it adds a new dimension to our sex life, we both clearly like the thrill of sex, and both get really turned on with taking risks. Taking risks on what toys we will get next gets us excited 😊 and makes our sex life all the better.

These bags offer such amazing value for money anyone would be a foul not to take the risk. I obviously don’t want to give away exactly what you get in the bags otherwise I would be taking away the mystery. But I can give you an idea of the quality and quantity to expect.

In my very first swag bag for couples we received one vibrator at a price tag of £59.99 another type of vibe at £49.99. That’s just 2 of the items we got another few items that came along with this and our bag total came to over £150 worth of products. We couldn’t have been happier with the quality and quantity of products and we got well more than we had actually paid for even in a few of the smaller items.  We couldn’t actually believe this could be possible for the money. Either way we where not complaining. As it turned out I actually owned the vibrator we received already, but obviously this can’t be avoided if you have a large sex toy collection already, you kinda expect you may get some doublers from time to time. Offer them to friends and you will always stay in there good books 😉😉

We used all the items in the bag 💼 and there was nothing in there we didn’t like the look of or didn’t want to use. But then again we are a kinky duo so there is not much we don’t want to 😜😜

We have since gone on to get the swag bag for women and also a luxury swag bag for couples.  All I can say is if you really want to try one of these bags and have the £25 go and treat yourself, get your partner to treat you, treat your partner I don’t care who does it go buy one of these, sit back and embrace the Oooh’s. 

This item will arrive in discrete packaging so you won’t need to worry about any embarrassment.

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