Short erotic story (Man in the mirror)


She opens the front door, “Hey babe I’m home” heading to the bedroom to get changed she notices the lights are dim, with a red glow. there is the most beautiful orchestra music playing. she can hear the sound of the shower going off in the next room, as she slips off  her shoes. It has been another long day and she was glad to be home at last.

Suddenly he grabs her from behind, she gasps, ” oh you gave me a fright” she chuckles, his hands slide down and over her breasts. “I meant too” he whispers in her ear. She tilts her head back and he starts to kiss her neck. The feeling of his breath on her skin makes all her hairs stand on end. She can feel his cock pushing hard against her. ” someone’s happy to see me” she says playfully. He starts to slide his hand lower, caressing her softly yet firmly. she gasps again. He spins her around to face him, grabs behind her neck and pulls her in close. Swiping the hair from her face.  She looks at him so tenderly, playfully biting her bottom lip.

He pushes her back a few steps to arms length, watching  her for a few minutes, scanning her up and down, watching her intently, every breath she takes, watching her breasts rise and fall, as she lets the music fill her. Her eyes closed, lips parted. He can’t control his desire any longer. He grabs her neck and pushes her against the wall.  ” I’ve been thinking about this all day” he says before Kissing her passionately.  He slides up her dress over her head and gently kisses her neck. She lets out a moan, Her breasts heaving. She wants him so bad. Whilst kissing her shoulders he undoes her bra and let’s it fall to the floor. He then kneels down in front of her and pulls her close. Her breasts pushed to his face, he breaths her in, ” mmmm you smell good” she arches her back,  as he kisses her breasts. He starts to suck her nipples and she lets out a moan. He starts kissing her navel and she shivers at his touch. With one quick move he removes her panties. She is exposed, he pulls her close, taking another big breath, he says “good enough to eat”  she grabs his shoulders to stabilise herself. Holding her arse he pulls her close and starts kissing her thighs and she gasps again. His tongue warm to the touch flicks her pussy gently, sloftly. Enough to have her begging for more. ” lick it baby” she whispers.

He stands up and plucks her into his arms, her legs wrapped around him, he pushes her against the wall, he says to her “how badly do you want it ?” She pants “badly baby”

He carries her across to the bed, and starts to goes down on her. she watches him whilst he slowly presses his tongue to her clit, rolling it around and round, “yes” she cries as the pleasure builds, he looks at her, she is rolling her eyes in her head. Squirming and breathing heavy “that’s it baby” he presses his tongue harder, she cries out ” don’t stop” the pleasure builds and builds, “yes, oh yes, I’m Cumming” he licks hard.

He flips her over and pulls her to the bottom of the bed. Grabs her arse and pulls it towards him. Her wet pussy looks good in the red light. He rubs her cheeks pulling them apart, she arches her back, He spanks her and she cries out. anticipation seeping through her, her pussy is throbbing, desperately needing fucked. He grabs her hair as she groans. Slowing rubbing his cock on her pussy, teasing her with it “please fuck me baby” she begs, he pushes his length inside her, inch by inch. Every delicious second better than the last. She longs for him to be deep inside her. Feeling the hardness of his cock, slowly every stroke teasing her more. “Fuck me hard” she pants, he thrusts hard, making her cry out, again and again, his balls banging off her, harder and faster, she grabs the bed, “ahh yes that’s it baby fuck me”

He watches his cock slide in and out of her, she’s so wet, her juices running down his length. He watches her grind herself on him, just begging for more. ” you little slut, you like it like that?” He grunts. “Im your dirty little slut” she moans.

He pulls her off the bed, and turns her around to face the mirror, he kisses her neck and caresses her body, he lifts her head and tilts it to make her watch. Suddenly he bends her over, entering her again, he fucks her hard, holding her waist tight, watching her boobs swing, hearing her arse bang at every thrust. Her eyes fixed on his. ” look at that baby!!!, look at me fucking you hard” she bites her lip. He fucks harder and faster, she feels it building again “don’t stop, that’s it harder” , he can feel her start to tighten up. She’s starting to get close again. ” you dirty little slut, you like it nice and hard, don’t you” she deeply moans. ” come on then baby cum on me.” She lets out another cry as he bangs her hard again, ” yes, yes, I’m cumming” he bangs hard again, filling her, pushing in deep, grabbing her waist harder as he cums deep inside her.

They both close there eyes, enjoying the moment. Sweat running off there bodies. Breathing heavily, hearts racing. “Love you” she says turning around to face him. “Love you too” he says with a cheeky grin.

By Kara S

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