So Divine’s – 1st Anniversary


So Divine’s 1st Anniversary


Last week, myself and husband had the honour of attending So Divine’s 1st anniversary and it was so good i had to write a post about it.

So Divine’s Philosophy

So Divine was born from the idea that sex toys should be inclusive so that everyone can enjoy the fun, women, men, straight, gay, couples and singletons there should be something for you to enjoy. Not only that but So Divine want you to be able to get your hands on adult products that are not only affordable but easy to access. So divine have made adult products available on the high street and their range can now be found in stores like superdrug.

When i started The Oooh! Review i had one main goal and that was to talk about sex openly, you could say i was going to try and do my part in ending the sex taboo.


When i was first contacted by So Divine to review their sex toy range i was not sure what to expect. So many new sex toy manufacturers come to the market with what appears to me, to be copycat products, yes they may be different in strength or design, sometimes even technology but they all seem to have a lot in common. As with all new companies i work for i like to check their about page. What makes them different? The fact that So Divine want to take adult pleasure products out from the dark corners of society and bring them into the light struck a chord with me.

By the time the product range arrived at my front door i was already impressed with their philosophy, i am all about everyone being included when it comes to pleasure products and even more about making it easier for everyone to get their hands on these.

I wrote in one of my posts recently about how we are all a creation of a wet sloppy mess and how shocked i am that in today’s society sex and self pleasure is still such a taboo subject. Half clad men and women adorn our tv sets everyday to advertise perfumes and aftershaves. Yet sex toys and adult products still seem locked tightly behind closed doors. The fact that the creators of the So Divine range want to get these products onto the shelfs of everyday stores at an affordable price, already gives them major brownie points as far as i am concerned.

So Divine’s Product Range



So what about their products?

I am such a big fan of the So Divine range, i think im basically a super fan, hehe. I love the fact that they have taken toys and added a new level to each of them, Like their wands for example. They have taken the wand and added an end that can be inserted, taking an already amazing product and adding a whole new dimension to play time.

As of yet i have not found any of their products to be anything but perfect for me and my husband. Each product was like a gift being unwrapped and each product beautifully designed, with both safety and affordability in mind. I was basically in sex toy heaven.

The Party

You can imagine my excitement when i received the invitation to attend their 1st anniversary party? to say i was delighted would be an understatement. There was no doubt in my mind i would have to attend and help them celebrate such a big milestone.

Given that i have major social anxiety attending the party was going to be a big challenge for me, and i have to admit to being really nervous about meeting everyone. They say hindsight is a wonderful thing and they are so right, had i known just how welcoming everyone was going to be i would never have worried.

We were welcomed by a lot of happy smiles, champagne, goodie bags and even the chance to win some prizes on what i like to call their sex toy wheel of pleasure. The venue, Tonight Josephine was the perfect backdrop for the night fitting in with the So Divine brand almost like they were made for each other.

Everyone there was so friendly and we had a great time getting to know everyone and their role in So Divine. During the evening Andy the head of the brand gave a presentation and even told us all about some amazing products he plans to add to the So Divine range in the future. ( let me tell you, from what i saw and heard i am super excited to get my hands on them and i’m sure you will be too).

What’s in So Divine’s Future?

I really enjoyed sitting chatting with Andy and getting an insight into the future of the So Divine brand, and just hearing his thoughts on the subject made me realise just how much we were akin. His ideas for the brand are very exciting and i can only foresee more great products coming our way, pun intended. With products designed for men as well as clothing and essential pleasure products, the So Divine future range is looking a lot more diverse.


Meeting the Team

One thing that stood out to both me and my husband was just how much the So Divine PR team (Fuel PR International) made us feel welcome, it was like we were meeting up with old friends we had not seen in a long time. They really made the night special for us, always checking we were okay, that we had enough drinks and food to eat and that we knew just how valuable bloggers were to them and So Divine. It was great to see a team of people who really did appreciate all the bloggers they worked with.

Another thing that stood out was their commitment and emotional investment in So Divine. Most of my night was spent chatting with some amazing women who are part of their team, discussing the So Divine range, with lots of fun and laughter.

OMG!!! i Never Knew That

One of my biggest revelations of the night was learning that the So Divine range were all named after songs 😮 😮 , once told i couldn’t believe i had missed it. Halo, need you tonight, oh la la, it seems so obvious now. That’s pretty awesome right?

Made even more awesome by the fact i was now extremely intoxicated by So Divine’s speciality Halo cocktails, hehe.

New Connections

I really couldn’t write this post and not include the team over at Bondara, My husband really loved chatting with their head of marketing, im pretty sure that’s what made his night along with his banter with Andy.

Whilst my husband sat and chatted rugby and you know usual mens stuff, i sat and chatted with two girls from the Bondara team about BDSM, they were so friendly and we had such a chuckle. I really can’t thank them enough, they really made our night.

I can admit to the fact that before that night i didn’t know much about Bondara, sure i followed them on twitter and kept up with their latest deals or sales, however i have never purchased any products from them before and was unaware of their ethos. I definitely came away from that night having a lot more appreciation for their company and i look forward to shopping there or even working with them in the future.

It’s really good to know there are some amazing people behind the scenes of Bondara, all with the same passion to help people explore their sexual desires with good quality, affordable products.

Home Time


After the party me and my husband went back to our hotel room with our goodie bags stuffed with products.

We even got the most adorable USB stick vibrator 🙂 This has got to be the best USB stick i will even own. Obviously a night in a hotel gave us a great excuse to put it through its paces, and it didn’t disappoint. I should not have expected anything less from So Divine, even their USB stick impressed me, hehe.

Given that we got so many products and some in which we already own we plan on running some giveaways in the very near future, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

We honestly can’t thank everyone enough for making our first night out in London so much fun, and we wish Andy and the So Divine brand the very best in their future endeavours. This is one company i know i want to keep an eye on. If you have not yet taken a look at their current range you can do so HERE.



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