Some Blogs that made me go Oooh! this week



#SoSS the blogs that made me go Oooh! this week


I have been meaning to write this since the whole #SoSS movement started a few weeks ago, unfortunately i have been swamped with so many things going on i never had the time. Finally my website has been upgraded, i have caught up on all my reviews and i can now start working on supporting my community each week with my share our shit post.

Girl on the net recently wrote a blog all about share our shit saturday following her frustrations aimed at social media content policies. Its always been a huge problem for the sexually liberal and all the more so for sex bloggers, erotic authors, cam girls, the list goes on. In fact these policies affect almost everyone in the sex community.

The sex community? i mean what the hell is that? Surly in this day and age there shouldn’t be a sex community. It should be a social norm. Some people moan when you bring up the subject of how humans came to be. They say its a subject that no one is able to answer and therefore its pointless. For me my biggest wonder is how the majority of society can look down on sexual content. I mean its the most natural thing ever, and thats how you bloody well got here in the first place. If it wasnt for sex there would be no humans.

Anyway being that i am relatively new to the “Community” i really want to give this share our shit movement my time and energy. I think that Girl on the net is right in what she says, sharing other peoples work is a great way to combat this issue.

“They may take our viewer presence 

but they will never take away our kinks”


I have read some amazing blogs over the time i have been around and i am always impressed at the level of knowledge and information this community has to offer. I have laughed and even cried at some of the material i have read. Found myself inspired and educated on issues i formerly knew nothing of. i am really proud to call myself a sex blogger and to be amongst some of the most supportive people around.

So i will get on with it. hehe.

Here is my list of people who stood out to me this week and made me go Oooh! i hope you take a look at there work and praise them by sharing their shit.

( just want to add if i could share everyone’s i would as you are all amazing )

Candysnatch Reviews

I would like to start with my biggest inspiration this week, This lady really does know how to make a woman feel she can be sexy no matter her age or shape. I am constantly blown away by her amazing photographs. She oozes confidence to me and her reviews are equally impressive.

I especially like her Pink Hair Dont Care post. She discusses a common problem i am sure a lot of us can relate too. About how having children had affected her self love and confidence. She has now learned to love herself and so she should as i think she is absolutely stunning.


Joanne’s Reviews

Joanne wrote a great review this week, BDSM Gas Mask – Breath Control from I have been a fan of her work from the day i followed her. I think her artwork is incredible. Her posts are always very informative and will usually have me chuckling away. Her recent review was particularly good as i have never used a gas mask before. In fact they look a little scary and intimidating to me. So when i read joanne’s review i was very happy that she was able to go into such detail. I don’t think the gas mask will ever be for me but i am a lot less intimidated after reading it. I highly recommend you check out her work.


Venus O’Hara

I really enjoy reading Venus O’hara’s work and was very happy when this week she put up a repost The day i masturbated for science It’s such an intriguing post and one in which i really enjoyed reading. I dont know if i would ever be able to relax enough to orgasm in the name of science but this girl had what it takes to get the job done. I am really happy she choose to retweet the link as it was a very enjoyable read. She has a way of writing which i find to be very informative and quirky. I recommend when you have a spare moment you go and check her out.

Little Switch Bitch

Another repost this week was from Little Switch Bitch, she wrote a post I want to feel less broken in 2016 and has added updates to it since. She discusses how she felt her vag wasn’t the same after having a child and how she wanted to see if she could make it better by using kegel exercise. I have always been a huge fan of kegels and firmly believe it was these exercises alone that has given me a tight, firm vag after 4 children. So i could totally relate to her post and her experiment, as i am sure a lot of people will. Check out her post i am sure you will find it very insightful.

That concludes my #SoSS for this week.

no go forth and SHARE OUR SHIT!   Sexual content should be accepted not rejected.

Thanks for reading


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