#SoSS – Goings On




#SoSS – Goings On


So i’m not going to lie, i have been seriously slacking when it comes to my #SoSS posts. It’s not that i don’t have good intentions. I love to read my fellow sex blogger posts over my morning coffee, and i can guarantee i am going to be able to relate or be amused.

One of my teenage daughters has mental health issues and has recently been taken into care. This is the worst thing i have had to go through in my life by a mile. Basically everyone thought me and my husband needed respite. My daughter has gotten more and more challenging over the years, but lately things have spiralled out of control and her violent outbursts have escalated a lot. She had started being violent towards her younger siblings and in particular her younger brother who is in a wheelchair.

I don’t know why but i always feel i have to explain the circumstances, like other parents will judge me as a failure. Like how could you let your child be taken into care? Or at least that’s what i keep taunting myself with. Fortunately this is not a permanent thing and she will be returned to our care once a few key things have been put in place, mainly respite.

Anyway this has been taking up a lot of my head space and its been really difficult for me to sit and write without a clear head. I hope this explains my rather inconsistent #SoSS posts. I promise to try a little harder over the coming weeks.

Let’s crack on.

Candy Snatch Reviews – Messing Her Up

I really enjoyed reading this post and was pleased also to see her touch on a subject that we wouldn’t normally think about. Her post is all about how some people find the look of smudged makeup sexy.

My husband often tells me how pretty or sexy i am after sex, my hair all over the place looking like i’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, it makes him feel self accomplished and more like a master. So i could really relate to this post.

Check out her post HERE.


Joanne’s Reviews – Maze, Halter Bra Harness

I was really interested in this review, especially as i am waiting on some maze items from Bijoux Myself. Let me tell you i was not expecting what was to come. The fact that she was so nervous about reviewing a clothing item really doesn’t show in this review.

I love the fact she was able to embrace it and go with it, as it made for some great reading. Its a very well rounded review with lots of sexy images too. 🙂  You Go Girl

Read her review HERE

Aurora Glory – Fifty Shades Freed – I’ve Got You Love Egg

Another great review came from Aurora, finally someone has found a love egg that is completely silent. Can you believe it?

Yes that’s right, totally silent, she says she could use it out in public and no one would know, how amazing is that? This is a really great read, especially if like me you are blown away with the silence thing. Hell even if you aint go check it out it’s well worth the read.

Read her review HERE.

The Oooh!Review pink and grey logo gif

Miss Jezebella – Gift Guide- My Top Sex Toy Picks For Valentine’s Day

I thought it would also be good to share a valentines gift guide this week and i really liked this one from Miss Jezebella. A guide which is cram packed with great gift ideas and advice. She has tried each and every product she has listed so you can be guaranteed they make the grade. If your looking for some kinky gift ideas for valentines day this year then i suggest you check out her post.

Read her post HERE. 

Emmeline Peaches Reviews – Travel & Sex

I found this to be a very thought provoking post. She discusses how travelling and our different surroundings can have an effect on us sexually. The feeling of different sheets against our bodies.

I often find that when i travel, i find it really difficult to be turned on, its like someone has flicked a switch or some shit, Up until i read this post i didn’t really put much thought into this, i assumed it was maybe because i had been busy all day exploring this said new place, and was just too tired.

However after having read this post, it gave me so much more to think about. Maybe Like Emmeline touches on, i am just not in my usual surroundings and this affects me on a deeper level than i knew before. It would definitely explain some of the problems i have. This is a really great read and i recommend you check it out.

Read her post HERE.

That’s all for this week and i will try my best to find the time next week too.


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  1. auroragloryblog

    January 27, 2018 at 6:17pm

    I am so very sorry to read about the personal struggles you and your family are having. I hope you have your daughter back with you soon, and the respite will help you all.
    Aurora x

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    • Author

      Kinky C

      January 27, 2018 at 6:23pm

      Thank you 😊 I hope so too, yes I’m sure it will, the little kids always get left out with being so busy with her all the time, so they are loving having me all to themselves for once hehe x

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